21-year-old Gainesville man killed in motorcycle accident

Staff report from Florida Highway Patrol press release

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A 21-year-old Gainesville man was killed today in a motorcycle accident on NW 39th Avenue.

At 8:44 a.m., the motorcyclist was driving east on NW 39th Avenue, and a truck driven by a 61-year-old Jacksonville man was driving west on NW 39th Avenue. At the intersection of NW 97th Boulevard, the truck turned in front of the motorcycle while the motorcyclist was riding with the front wheel elevated, with only the rear wheel in contact with the road. The front of the motorcycle hit the right rear of the truck, and the motorcyclist, who was wearing a helmet, was pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck was not injured.

  • Being stupid with get you killed most of the time I wonder if this was the same idiot I saw Saturday at intersection of, 39th and 34 Ave doing the same thing

    • This “idiot” was my bf, so before you say things you shouldn’t think about those hurting from his loss. Cody died doing what he loved

      • Sorry for your loss but if it wasn’t for his reckless abandonment of the traffic laws in place he would likely still be alive. And he wouldn’t have endangered others in the process.

        • Well the motorist did turn in front of him so … as many times cyclist are disrespected by automobile drivers that should make better decisions as well!!!

          • With him being a idiot riding on one wheel may have been hard to see him

      • If doing what he loved involved ignoring the law or safety of others, it is good that he killed only himself. I hope he had insurance for the damage he inflicted on the truck and its driver.

      • Doing what he loved could have cost the life of someone else. To that, he gets the award of the day

      • Hailey I’m so sorry. Cody was such a great kid, with a good heart. Shame on y’all that are calling him an idiot and saying he deserved it. I bet you made some questionable decisions at 21 as well, that doesn’t mean you deserved to pay with your life.

        • I guess you’re right we should have used dumb a$$ just glad he didn’t hurt an innocent person while doing what he loved. What if the truck driver had died from a heart attack would you have felt bad for him or her .
          what about the people who saw it happen they have to live with seeing someone die you do you think it doesn’t bother them the night mares they my have all because a idiot/ dumb A$$ wanted to do what he loved without any regards for others around him.

      • I’m one of the bystanders that performed CPR on him. I am sorry for your and his family’s loss.

    • Wow, WTF is wrong with you… Maybe the truck driver should have been paying more attention as well.
      Poor kid is dead and you’re throwing insults at him for being killed.
      A young death is a tragedy.

      • I guess you missed the part of him running into back of the truck so how could the driver avoid him????? Please read before you comment

      • Mx was likely going quite a bit above the speed limit at the time.

    • Y are u calling a deceased person an idiot y’all be saying the filthiest things behind these phones until it’s ur turn like if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all this person family has to see things like this have some respect damn oh let guess u don’t care cause it’s not u or ur family smh grown up

      • Guest, do you know who also has family? Joshua Figueroa and Declan Lott-Kelley. I won’t resort to calling Cody any names, but I don’t blame the people who do, because many of us in the Gainesville area are so sick of reckless driving.

  • It’s a tragedy the accident happened and one person will have to live with the outcome while another, much younger life has ended. Hopefully the driver of the truck will not be charged since the cyclist’s headlight was pointing in the air.
    How many people have witnessed this type of reckless driving by motorcyclists of late? I guess it eventually catches up and karma happens.

    Thought for the day, if you can’t live with the consequences, keep both tires, or feet, on the ground.

  • Very sad, but his headlight was likely not visible while tilted upward. Darwin evolution is still happening 😢😢😢

  • I made a comment a couple months back about testosterone on 2 wheels and this is another prime example of what happens when people have absolutely no regard for safety on the highway. It’s nice that he died doing what he loved but the truth is this idiot could have killed someone else other than himself and then would you still be so sympathetic over him cat walking down the street? Helmet or no helmet it’s all fun and games until a car pulls out in front of you.

  • Saw multiple MX doing the same thing on SW 34th about 7 this evening.

    • There’s nothing wrong with motorcycles if you obey the law and ride them responsibly, that being said I happen to see them pretty frequently being ridden like bats out of hell, speeding, driving in between cars passing people in the bike lanes and I have also seen them Wheelying down the road. Helmet or no helmet those things are caskets on wheels when not taking seriously. The internal injuries that a person sustains at 30, 40 or 50+ mph even with a helmet on can be life ending. It’s unfortunate that somebody lost their life but you also have to understand that death is the consequence should someone not respect the traffic laws or the power they are in control of.

  • Wheelie or no wheelie the truck violated the motorcycle’s right of way by turning across his path at an intersection. However the undercarriage of a motorcycle is probably harder to identify as a moving vehicle than if he were riding with both wheels on the ground and the headlight was visible. This unfortunate crash will be heard in civil court where the insurance companies will decide who is at fault by percentage.

  • As an employee of one of the businesses on 97th Blvd. I can confirm, this intersection is very dangerous, all of the time. I could see the wreck and police lights from my office window. Very devastating to know a young man lost his life on the highway like that. As a mother of a young man, this will always bother me. My sincere condolences for Cody’s family and friends. I prayed for you all yesterday and will continue to do so.

  • You have to obey the law I’m a truck driver my self and people don’t respect trucks you have a lot of blind sides and people think is the same as a regular car that truck driver is going to b
    e mess up for a wile and at he’s age probably not going to drive again so that’s what happens when you don’t obey traffic laws

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