Dr. Simon’s statement in response to Judge Cooper’s written order

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

Statement from Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon in response to Judge John Cooper’s written order on mask mandates and the subsequent legal actions by both the state and the plaintiffs in the current lawsuit:

“Judge John Cooper’s written order confirms what we’ve said all along, which is that our mask mandate does not violate Florida law. As Judge Cooper has written, ‘…the Parents’ Bill of Rights permits local school boards to enact policies relating to health care and education, including mask mandates.’

“The legal activity that has occurred since the judge issued his order, including the automatic stay and an emergency motion to lift the stay, are clear signs this issue will continue to be hashed out in the courts. Alachua County Public Schools is not a party to the current case. However, the judge’s order will be an important element of the legal action we will be taking to defend the district’s right to protect students and staff during the current COVID crisis.”

  • Since the superintendent has stated the governor’s order infringes on the right of the district to impose mask mandates, I wonder IF the order is validated under appeal, will the superintendent recognize the lawful nature of the order or will she do as most liberals do?

    That is, go shopping for a court that has the same political leanings as she does. It would obviously follow in the same direction of city and county leadership’s continuous attempts at undermining state directives and laws.

    Gotta love the hypocrisy…all the controlling entities in Alachua county don’t want to follow state issued orders but expect rural communities to follow theirs.

    All you lemmings, once you go over the edge, it’s too late. Keep on believing…

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