4 gun incidents in Gainesville over the weekend

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

The Gainesville Police Department (GPD) responded to 4 separate incidents over the weekend involving gun violence. These incidents are part of a concerning and growing trend of shootings, shots fired, and burglaries in Gainesville.

On Saturday, August 22, 2020, at approximately 9:12 p.m., GPD officers responded to reports of shots fired in the area of the 200 block of SW 6th Avenue. After arriving at the scene, GPD officers recovered multiple bullet casings from 2 different guns. There were no victims located in the area.

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, at approximately 1:03 a.m., a GPD officer, working a uniformed overtime assignment at North Florida Regional Medical Center, assisted in receiving an individual that had been shot and brought to the Emergency Room. The individual shot was part of an incident that the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office was working in Holly Heights.

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, at approximately 4:00 p.m., GPD officers responded to 6419 W. Newberry Road (Oaks Mall), in reference to an Armed Robbery. The victim was confronted at gunpoint and surrendered their belongings to the suspect. Nobody was hurt during the incident. GPD Detectives are following leads on the suspect(s).

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, at approximately 7:50 p.m., GPD officers responded to calls of shots fired at the 1300 block of SE 17th Drive. Upon arrival to the scene, GPD officers identified a vehicle that had multiple bullet holes on the driver’s side. The owner of the vehicle and victim indicated that a suspect shot at him after the victim confronted him concerning shots fired in the neighborhood. The victim was not hurt. The suspect fled and has not been located.

If anyone has information relating to any of these incidents, they are asked to contact GPD Detectives at 352-393-7670, or you can remain anonymous by reporting information to Crime Stoppers at 352-372-7687 or https://www.stopcrime.tv/.

  • And yet the Communist Commissions are looking to reappropriate/defund law enforcement…with the exception of their praetorians of course.

  • I had a guy pull a knife on me while I was waiting to enter the
    Passenger side of my friends car after dining at Piezano’s
    Pizza at Univ & 13th last week… I guess the guy was sleeping in
    His car or something…he yelled “get back” and flicked his
    Knife at me…there was an exchange of words. You would
    Think you would have an “expectation of safety” in that
    Holiday inn parking lot…I did not call police. I let it go.
    If I would have called police, it would have been a “George Floyd” incident. The guy was acting erratic and belligerent. Good thing he did not get out of his car and attack me
    With that knife or I would have had to defend myself.
    I told the hostess at piezanos that “that guy pulled a knife
    On me!!”…you would think she would have gone inside
    To tell the manager or something….all I got was plenty
    Of dumb looks from her behind her mask. I hope that
    Crazy guy didn’t do that to anyone else that night.
    Moral of the story is: a lot of bad stuff goes unreported
    To law enforcement. I took a picture of his car tag but
    My camera flash just made the plate look like the sun.
    It was 10pm at night and who knows how long it would
    Have taken for the cops to get there…My friend said “
    The guy spit on me” too, but I didn’t realize if he did.
    This is a situation where there’s a crazy guy out there
    And got away. Be safe out there, lots of crazies…

  • Maybe Tuesday night last week…the hostess was a
    Very attractive BL female. She was cleaning the front
    Doors…the guy was in a BL ford, had his driver side window down and
    Seat reclined…my back was turned to him when I heard
    The click from his knife and his yelling to “ stay back”.
    He had no business there.. then an exchange of words
    Where I said I was going to call the cops…he said, “go ahead”… it was not good. This could have turned out
    Very very bad…

  • Crime at the Oaks Mall? By golly this kind of crime will not be allowed to happen when the Oaks Mall is involuntarily annexed into our glorious Springs County.
    In Springs County every adult over 21 will be required to purchase an AR-15 at Picketts and carry it 24/7 as the Homeboy Militia, as without taxes we can’t afford a police force. Citizens will be authorized to remove their heads from the arse of Brother John Birch just long enough to acquire the target of the perp and blast him before reinserting their head back into the 1950’s fascist mindset required of the Good Sheeple People of SC. Freedom!!!!!

    • You’re b a c k! Thought you moved out of the country…sorry, county. Guess you finally took your hands off your leaders’ appendages to exercise your 1st Amendment right. That’s right, the one that I helped protect for you with my 2nd Amendment right.
      You’re welcome, now go back to suckling.

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