4-year-old pronounced dead after being found in retention pond

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department (GPD) is on the scene of a drowning behind a shopping plaza at 6200 NW 26th Street. Shortly before 5 p.m., a four-year-old child managed to walk out of a nearby business and was found a short distance away in a retention pond. Despite efforts to revive the child, he was pronounced deceased at Shands Hospital. GPD extends our condolences to the family at this difficult time.

    • I thought they were required to be fenced in. Who knew that they weren’t. This is such a needless tragedy that fencing would have prevented.

      • I understand people saying it should have been fenced, but somewhere in this conversation ,we have to ask where was the adult that was watching this child at?

        • Agreed. How did the kid manage to LEAVE the store un noticed and walk away that long without being noticed. I have a a4 year old daughter. That would NEVER happen to me. Stay aware plz

  • So sad!

    This is failure to protect and care for a child at many levels! How the hell did this child get out of the store? Where was the adult? This really pi$$es me off! Another child’s life lost due to the failure of adults to protect and care for them!

    Looking at the immediate area on Google maps, there are fences around the retention ponds. But the fence bars are set far apart that a normal sized 4 year old would be able to squeeze between the bars with no problem!

    This baby is with God now and nothing will ever happen to them again!

  • The parents are suffering I’m sure. Feeling guilt about the loss of a child. They should feel the guilt. How do you let a 4-year-old child get out of your site

      • I disagree. Children don’t disappear while out in public, if the adult is paying attention.

      • Toddlers can certainly take off quickly, but maybe an aisle away before an alert, responsible, adult notices! Per the maps, the ponds were at least a block away and the child had to go through parking lot(s), and past many adults, to get there!

        I am sad for the loss of this child; I am angry for the failure(s) of the responsible adult! Don’t try to blame the store for your failure!

  • This is So Sad!! Children are Naturally Drawn to Water. So Parents must always Monitor Small Kids when there is Water nearby. Now perhaps all of these Retention Ponds will have Fences around Them.

  • No doubt that their will be a lawsuit. Unfortunately the child no longer has any ‘standing’ against the irresponsible parents.

    • Unfortunately, there will be a lawsuit and parents will receive big money. Imho, any such suit should be thrown out. While I feel sorry for the family, forcing the store to pay isn’t right. We can not protect ourselves from everything.

  • You have my condolences. As a father I couldn’t even imagine the pain and I will be praying hard for you in this time of tragedy.

  • In this time of tragedy. As a father and former soldier I cannot begin to fathom the pain you are in. I had a soldier who served under me that was told this similar situation about his child. My prayers and heart mourns for you.

  • These stories are becoming more common, and often. Kids being left alone to wander around, and end up drowning, and/or being FORGOTTEN in hot cars and die, or snatched by a pervert/kidnapper. So sad. Where are the responsible parents/adult guardians???? NO EXCUSE!

  • I fault all adults who wasn’t paying attention to this 4yr old everyone in this dog grooming shop busy working you first should not have a child walking around in a place of business . This is neglect I have a 4yr old I have to always stay ready not get ready and let him wonder off this is a very sad situation that could’ve been prevented. Why the back door was even open for him to run out of it when the staff and owner knowing the pond is there you got your vehicle parked back there so you know the pond obviously exist . It’s no excuse for this tragedy it’s no one fault but all the staff working and the owner allowed it. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • I understand that the family is blaming “no fences” when the parents are the ones not watching out for their kid. Sorry no excuse. You brought that innocent child into his world and it’s your responsibility to protect him and be responsible for him until he is an adult.

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