42 Buchholz DECA students win recognition at state conference

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

Buchholz High School students from the Academy of Entrepreneurship recently competed at the Florida DECA Career Development Conference with impressive results. Altogether 42 of the 136 students won recognition and are eligible to compete at the International DECA conference in April. At the State conference, approximately 2,800 students from across Florida gathered in Orlando to compete in fifty different events during the 4-day conference, with a range of 30-50 students in each event.  

Competitive event winners were:

1st Place – Business Solutions: Ella Avera, Bridget Walsh, Madeline Quire

2nd Place – Sales Project: Spencer Dorosheff, Jena Phillips, Hannah Mack

2nd Place – Community Giving Project: Sophia Butler, Ellie  Jobes, Dillon Menefee

2nd Place – Financial Literacy Project: Trevor Davy, Lydia McGraw, Ezra Yazdanpour

3rd Place – Restaurant and Food Services Management: Nick Holland

3rd Place – Business Services Marketing: Macey Warring
3rd Place – Food Services Marketing: Joel Chung

3rd Place – Integrated Marketing Campaign Service: Emily Lathem, Max Schentrup

3rd Place – Buying and Merchandising Team: Aiden Brake, Jazmine Vogler

4th Place – Professional Selling: Logan Chatfield

5th Place – Community Awareness Project: Briley Cauthen, Elle Lentz, Gracie Wilson

5th Place – Integrated Marketing Campaign: Gracie Skinner, Brigitte Trabbic

5th Place – Marketing Management Team: Cade Cricchio, Layla Thomas

6th Place – Career Development Project: Heather Adair, Arden Leedy, Rachel Meyers

6th Place – Start Up Business Plan: Morgan Smith

6th Place – Financial Services Team: Nick Ladwig, Dylan Thomas

6th Place – Travel and Tourism Team: Riley Leiback, Luna Trujillo Suarez

7th Place – Integrated Marketing Campaign: Erin Larkin

7th Place – Retail Merchandising: Kylie Clinton

7th Place – Marketing Management Team: Jacob Kaercher, Al Munoz Garcia

7th Place – Principles of Business Management: Noah  Perez

The Buchholz DECA chapter received the Diamond Chapter Award, which is the highest recognition based on multiple activities in four areas: community oriented, academically prepared, experienced leaders, and professionally responsible. Buchholz school-based enterprise, the Spirit Spot was also recognized as a Gold level chapter. 

DECA is an international student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Buchholz DECA chapter advisors are Wendy Rosché  and Terry Hoffer.

  • DECA is such a great program. I was involved with it in HS. It encourages you to consider starting your own business and educates you on just what you need to do to make your dreams a reality. It also focuses on the benefits of providing good customer service/sales and being a reliable employee. Lessons we could ALL benefit from!

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