71-year-old arrested for sexual battery on 4-year-old

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Earlier today, Detective R. DePete from our Criminal Investigations Division arrested 71-year-old Mark Poupard for Sexual Battery on a Victim under the age of 12.

This arrest was the result of several weeks of active investigation, where it was learned that between the months of February to May of 2023, Poupard committed acts against a 4-year-old child within his care that are deemed to be sexual battery per Florida Law.

Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr. wants to remind our community that we will always seek to protect our youth from vile criminal acts, such as the one committed by Poupard. Our children should not have to fear being victimized by anyone in this community, let alone an adult they have been taught to trust.

  • Damn. A quick google of him and how that child came into his custody… pretty dark stuff. The lowest of rungs of hell await him.

    • How did you find any extra information? All I see is this exact article.

  • Well, that’s a first, adding a Watson for Sheriff blurb to a child molester’s crime description. How very, very, odd.

  • what church is this Pastor at ? I will Be sure to stay away from his ST Peter Basilicus .

    • He’s not a pastor. He’s a retired pharmacist. He lived in Williston.

  • If you look at his Facebook page you see such a normal guy and a seemingly loving father and grandfather. Wolves really do walk among us in sheep’s clothing. What a sick person. 4?!? What is wrong with people?

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