76 local transient farmworkers test positive for COVID-19


Alachua County’s COVID-19 count took a big jump today, as 76 transient farmworkers tested positive for COVID-19.

Paul Myers, Alachua County Administrator for the Department of Health, said the Department received notification on Friday that some people who had tested positive in Miami-Dade had traveled to Alachua County. These people are part of a transient group of farmworkers who currently live in a facility in Alachua County.

The Health Department tested everyone in the community on Saturday, and today 76 of the tests came back positive, while 14 are still pending. Myers said most of the farmworkers are asymptomatic, and those who have symptoms are “mildly ill.” There have been no hospitalizations related to the outbreak.

The group has been isolated, and the outbreak is not expected to affect the broader community.

  • Just wait until the 50k+ transient students come back to town. Although the city and county realize the influx of students will dramatically increase the likelihood of infections, they also know who supports their political agenda the most.
    Once again their hypocrisy speaks volumes.

  • There is little probability that testing positive is related to purported CV-19, since the virus was never isolated via Koch’s postulates. Even if you believe in magic, a virus quickly mutates into new and less pathological strains. If the PCR sampling is setup to test for the original CV-19 RNA you need to explain how positive tests from the past few months can apply to a 3rd or 4th mutation of the original virus….. It’s not about your health….Covid-19 is a “plandemic’ to usher in the scientific dictatorship of Technocracy…. Listen to author Patrick Wood – https://youtu.be/h7hSS6BlXRM

  • WHO official, Maria Van Kerkhove, let it slip that lockdowns and masks were never required since new data says asymptomatic CV-19 carriers rarely transmit the alleged virus. She was asked to walk-back her statement the next day but she actually did not. She only added that some “computer models” were predicting around 40% carrier transmission. Well we know all about Neil Ferguson’s computer model don’t we.

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