Accreditation with Distinction awarded to Visit Gainesville/Alachua County

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – The Board of Directors for the Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP) announced today that Visit Gainesville, Alachua County, has been awarded the “Accreditation with Distinction” designation. This accreditation demonstrates that the Alachua County Visitors and Convention Bureau has satisfied the rigorous standards set forth by the professional destination marketing community, and in earning accreditation, Visit Gainesville, Alachua County communicates to their community, stakeholders, boards, and visitors that their destination marketing organization has attained the industry’s highest measure of excellence.

“Visit Gainesville, Alachua County is honored to receive this distinction from Destinations International,” said Alachua County Tourist Development Manager Jessica Hurov. “On behalf of my team, we are so excited to be recognized by the industry for providing outstanding services in compliance with international standards and benchmarks in our field.”

DMAP’s Accreditation with Distinction recognizes a destination organization’s commitment to industry excellence and meeting industry performance and accountability standards. It requires successful compliance with mandatory and voluntary standards across performance areas related to the management and marketing of destination organizations, including governance, finance, management, human resources, technology, visitor services, group services, sales, communications, membership, brand management, destination development, research/market intelligence, innovation, and stakeholder relationships. 

“By completing all standards of DMAP Accreditation with Distinction, Visit Gainesville, Alachua County has demonstrated their commitment to excelling at industry best practices,” said Alachua County Commissioner and Chair of the Alachua County Tourist Development Council Marihelen Wheeler. “Visit Gainesville, Alachua County has demonstrated exemplary compliance to all 16 standards of accreditation, ranging from governance to sales to innovation. Their accreditation supports their commitment to providing exceptional leadership, professionalism, and service to the industry.”

DMAP is an international accreditation program developed by the Washington, DC-based Destination Marketing Association International. In earning the DMAP accreditation, destination marketing organizations communicate to their community, partners, and visitors that their Destination Marketing Organization has attained a significant measure of excellence. Visit Gainesville, Alachua County is the destination marketing organization for Alachua County, Florida. 

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  • wonder how much alachua county spent in kind to receive this made-up feel-good pile of warm horse apples! your tax dollars at work or was GRU rate payors

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