ACPS Superintendent responds to FLDOE

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

Statement from Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon regarding the August 30 announcement by the Florida Department of Education on School Board member salaries:

“I’m very troubled by the state’s action. Our School Board members made a courageous decision to protect the health and lives of students, staff and the people of this community, and a court has already ruled they had the legal right to do so. They deserve praise, not penalties.

“We have already begun working with our colleagues in other districts to take legal action. We believe this is a necessary step to ensure that Florida’s districts have the right to act in the best interests of those they serve.”

  • let’s hope this gets to the FL Supreme Court quickly (read: cheaply) & gets put to rest one-way-or-another!
    (FL Supreme Court is 100% Republican Governor appointed SO DeSantis has reason for hope; assuming the law is even slightly on his side)

  • Freedom of choice is great!…I choose not to wear a mask or take the “clot shot” to protect my health & life.
    If you want to wear a mask and take an experimental shot, make sure you review the VAERS data. If you
    Get sick and die from it, don’t make me pay your
    Medical expenses…

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