ACSO seeking suspect in Tommy Hilfiger theft

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

On June 14, 2021, ACSO responded to Tommy Hilfiger (4871 Celebration Pointe Ave) in reference to a theft. According to staff, the suspect (pictured) is a black male with a low haircut and was approximately 5’10”. He was wearing sunglasses, a blue surgical mask, an orange t-shirt, blue jeans, and black/white tennis shoes. While in the store, he collected several items before exiting without paying.

If you are able to identify the above subject, please contact Detective C. Cox at ccox@acso.us or at 352-374-1867.

  • Masks are ideal for concealing your identity but not protecting you from the virus..

  • Why no grocery store on the east side? There’s your answer. Make sure to give his kids all A’s, by the way, since daddy was out stealing instead of helping with homework.

  • Did the orange T-shirt have “D.O.C.” scribed on the back?

    Could have been one of Poe’s early releases.

  • Aw, come on you guys…he was a very socially responsible thief…he was wearing the mask to protect
    You from Covid….it’s ok…the CC says let him go
    In the name of EQUITY…We also need to pay him
    Taxpayer money according to Poe “ so “he can sorta
    Build back better”…the CIty Comm & State Attorney
    Office want to let the misdemeanors slide…Get with the
    Program and wear your mask not to protect you or I,
    But as a political statement…

    • Oh, I think I’ve seen him…he looks like one of the panhandlers I’ve seen near University & 13th recently…
      I don’t know for sure because of the mask..I can’t ID
      Any criminals when they wear a mask…they need
      To double the penalty if you commit a crime wearing a

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