Active shooter training tomorrow at Howard Bishop and Rawlings


Gainesville Police Department (GPD) has announced that its School Resource Officers will be participating in an active shooter training tomorrow, November 26, at Howard Bishop School (1901 NE 9th St) and MK Rawlings Elementary School (3500 NE 15th St).

The press release states, “In order to make the training as realistic as possible, various types of noise making devices will be used (shotgun and handgun blanks, fire alarms, loud music etc.) Residents in the aforementioned areas may hear loud bangs and see a large police presence–this is only a drill. If you have any questions, please call the Gainesville Police Department- 352-393-7500.”

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  • Active Shooter Training is an industry spin-off of the #StrongCities Network covertly implemented by Loretta Lynch. If you want to understand how school shootings have been staged as a take-down of the US constitution start here – http://bit.ly/2lDo1Bw

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