Adiós, muchacha


  • Chestnut could have told her, “I’m not your daddy, so your tantrum isn’t going to work on me, Ms. Saco.”

  • They just need to learn ENGLISH. They came to this country they should learn the native language. Don’t turn us into what you left. Hopefully they came legally.

      • They probably tried. Bows and arrows against muskets probably weren’t convincing enough.

  • I’m sure there were plenty of early Americans who learned “Indian” languages. I think the problem was that all of the many tribes had their own languages instead of one standardized language and one nation. They did use sign language and hand gestures to communicate with other tribes (obviously not what we want now). English is and has been the language of the USA for a long time, unless you want to live cut off from the real world in a barrio or hood or some other racial ghetto. It’s no wonder, by the way, that some of the students have a hard time doing well academically when what is spoken at home and in their neighborhoods sounds far removed from standard English and almost like a different language.

  • Nice one Jake! I have a question. Given how “large” many of the city commissioners have gotten, have your costs of creating the caricatures you entertain us with increased because of Biden & Co’s Idiocracy?

    I for one appreciate the accuracy in your artwork. From your depiction, there’s a couple things lower than Wacko Saco’s IQ. Didn’t think that was possible.😉

  • Wacko Saco = part AOC + part Ana Navarro. You go girl…far, far away

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