Adults again required to mask in Alachua County schools


An email has been sent to Alachua County Public Schools principals regarding COVID-19 protocols when school starts on January 4. Separate emails will be sent to families and employees.

The email says that “In light of the surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations, mostly due to omicron,” the protocols will be modified from those that were in place starting December 6, when the employee mask mandate ended. The student mask mandate ended on November 18 after the governor signed a law, passed during the legislative special session, that prohibits mask mandates on children in public schools.

The school district will “once again be requiring masks for employees, as well as for volunteers, vendors, and visitors to our campuses during school hours. We hope this won’t last long, since omicron is expected to peak quickly, but we’ll keep you posted.”

Under the protocols, students with “any symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home. This includes unvaccinated and fully-vaccinated students. Symptoms include but are not limited to fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, shortness of breath and others.” Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 must stay home; the student may return to school when symptoms are gone AND the student receives a negative COVID-19 test; 10 days have passed since the first symptom, symptoms are improving, and the student has had no fever for 24 hours; or a note from a licensed medical doctor or APRN. Quarantine is recommended but not required for students who have had contact with someone who has COVID-19 unless the student develops symptoms.

The protocols for employees who have symptoms, test positive, or have contact with someone who has COVID-19 are the same as those for students. Employees who are fully-vaccinated (2 doses of Moderna or Pfizer or one dose of Johnson & Johnson) have their leave time covered if they develop a breakthrough case; unvaccinated employees must use their own leave time if they test positive for COVID-19.

  • If she meant it she would require N95. But since the useless cloth masks are acceptable I guess it means she’s only doing for show. “nyah nyah DeSantis, you can’t stop me”.

  • FACT CHECK – Face Coverings are unsafe and ineffective – Here’s all the evidence…https://tinyurl.com/2p8rtz7a

    • not only are face masks unsafe & ineffective, they are being
      Used as a political statement…it’s submission to control.
      The only people who wear them are commies & hypochondriacs. Some people wear them to hide their ugly, and bad guys wear them so they can’t be identified.
      It’s all a part of a global plan for “great reset”…All the countries around the world are bankrupt and printing
      Money to continue operating…it’s causing global inflation…the pandemic was the perfect cover to implement this global totalitarian reset plan….they ruined the
      Dollar, our economy, took away our freedom & liberty
      With medical tyranny using the common cold. Quarantines resulted in a 7% reduction in CO2 emissions… they want to lock you down until 2030.
      They redistributed the wealth by paying people not
      To work…the youth have been brainwashed in public
      Schools…the devil is hiding behind the environment…
      We have the technology, they want to control every aspect of our lives and what better way to tag you
      And control you so you can’t engage in commerce if
      You don’t have their mark…

  • So anyone with a symptom must stay home…
    Allergies – stay home.
    Headache – stay home.
    Blah, blah, blah…

    Then what? The next day there’s no runny nose, no headache. Go back to school? Do you have to have a negative Covid test for admission to school? Are they telling everyone that has a headache or a runny nose or a sore throat to get a test?

    It’s things such as this that’s causing the mass hysteria. It’s difficult to even get a Covid test. Some places have 3 – 4 hour waits…for a sore throat or a stuffy nose.

    Don’t know who or what to believe anymore but one things for sure – things have sure been Fauci’d up.

    • Yes wear a kn95 made in China. Wtf. How can we fire Carly ??? What an ineffective county employee.

  • The brain dead screeching LibTards who run our schools are at it again, pissing their pants over a cold virus. How pathetic things have degenerated to when so many gutless paranoid psychotics cannot face the prospect of getting a runny nose. This sad county is a microcosm of America — decaying roads, rotting infrastructure, snowflake weaklings everywhere and no future. Hide in your safe space you sorry excuses for human beings!

    • Yeah…”15 days to flatten the curve”…how’s that
      Worked out? We’ve been duped. Just say no to face
      Masks & shots, and yes to freedom & liberty.

    • A Paco Liptz,

      I agree we need to start working together to fix our rotting infrastructure – that should not be a Republican or Democrat issue.
      However you are misguided on Covid. Firstly, over 800K American have died from Covid – so it’s not a cold virus. And you never end up with long term symptoms from a cold.
      Some of the reason Alachua County lost to the governor was not enough Florida kids are dying form Covid, so no real reason to protect them. But plenty of adults are dying – better justification for protecting them. And since there is enough supply now – the school board should provide N95 masks for its employees.

      • Many died WITH Covid rather than because of it, and the medical establishment gleefully counted them as Covid deaths to receive government dollars. Many more could have been saved by treatments that were laughed at by Little Anthony but have now become standard protocol in all but the most backward medical facilities. Remember the “go home and wait to get sick enough to go to the hospital and be put on a ventilator” days?? Moreover, many more could have been saved simply by doing things like pro-actively losing weight before getting infected and taking Vitamin D, etc. Have you ever actually WORN an N-95 mask? It’s practically like trying to breathe through a thick bath towel. They are not intended to be worn all day, every day.
        A quick internet search yielded this info….
        The issue with the common cold isn’t the virus itself, but instead the complications that patients can get after the virus, which can rarely but potentially become dangerous. For instance, a bacterial sinus infection can develop — in children, 5-13% of bacterial sinus infections have a preceding viral infection. Serious but rare neurological diseases, like Guillain-Barre Syndrome, can also occur after a common cold.
        The common cold can also exacerbate the symptoms one has from other health conditions, such as COPD, which is a common cause for hospitalization among adults with COPD.

  • Against the Governor’s rule. Against the change from 10 day down to 5 day quarantine.
    Is this who we want teaching our children?

  • School System as BadKillCrew WagingHappyDeathJabWarOnYou

    CBS Baltimore (Maryland) (1/3/22): Anne Arundel County Fourth Grader Dies From COVID-19 Complications

    • WCVB (1/1/22): BOURNE, Mass. —
      A Massachusetts community is coming together to help two young children after their parents’ sudden deaths just days after Christmas.

      Chris and Michelle King both died unexpectedly, leaving behind their two children: 6-year-old Josephina, known as JoJo, and 1-year-old Miles.

      The Sagamore couple was beloved. Michelle King was a high school math teacher and Chris King was an engineer.

      Bourne Police say the tragic deaths are not under investigation. Family members said the deaths were due to medical conditions.

      • (Police are in on it. Ready to cover-up BigPharmaSin while never doing investigation)

  • Mark K.
    If people are dying of covid as you claim, it is because they do not get early treatment. They do no get early treatment because of our whore medical establishment which sends them home to get hopelessly sick so that when they show up at a hospital they can be poisoned with Remdesivir and killed by ventilators, all so that the hospital can collect $49,000 from the federal government for another “covid death.” Nigeria has no covid problem. Why? Almost everybody there uses hydroxychloroquine to prevent malaria and Ivermectin to prevent River Blindness. Gainesville is under the control of jackasses who have been brainwashed by the bigger jackasses at UF Health who take their marching orders from the little demented elf Dr. Fauci who controls their grant money. Fauci insists on useless masks and harmful and useless “vaccines” in which he has a financial interest. I used the word whores somewhat improperly. At least whores don’t lie about what they are doing for a buck.

  • A. Paco Liptz. Show me one good double blinded randomized control trial that shows one of your early treatments work. Can you tell me causative agents of malaria and River Blindness and how those are similar to Covid-19.

  • Mark K.
    Can you show me the randomized controlled trials showing that vaccines are safe and effective? It has already been shown that Pfizer rigged its “studies.” HCL and Ivermectin have been used world wide with great success by honest doctors who are not whores and who are unwilling to “spread their legs” for Big Pharma and do
    whatever the crackpot Fauci demands. Nearly the entire medical establishment in the US has lost all credibility. They have used a PCR test to diagnose covid when its inventor Keri Mullis said such use was totally wrong. Now the PCR test has been abandoned. They said lockdowns for two weeks would “flaten the curve.” Failure! They said masks would not work then insisted on masks. Failure. They insisted vaccines would work. One dose. Two doses. Boosters. Ooops. Failure again. Oh yeah, now masks even for the triple vaccinated. No mention of prevention by the Gainesville medical establishment. It finally took a new Florida Surgeon General to talk about the merits of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, zinc, quercetin, etc. All the Gainesville medical establishment can do on
    the other hand is to push Big Pharma’s drugs and masks, none of which have worked. As for “vaccines,” the life insurance industry has now ascertained that deaths are up over 40% above normal but not from covid. Strong evidence is surfacing that the vaccines are killing people. But none of these facts would matter to you Mark, or any of the smug communists that dominate Gainesville’s medical and political establishment. People like you believe that an allegedly deadly virus magically stops being dangerous at a restaurant dinner table where gullible fools can remove their masks to eat but must wear them to enter the restaurant.

  • Mark K – Why don’t you examine the method of action of the treatments mentioned and try to determine what application that may have to a virus? Here, I did some of your work for you….
    Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are medications that have been used for a long time. Their most common use is for the treatment and prophylaxis of malaria. However, these antimalarial drugs are known to also have anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects and are used for several chronic diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus with low adverse effects. The antiviral action of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine has been a point of interest to different researchers due to its mechanism of action.
    Ivermectin belongs to a group of avermectins (AVM), which is a group of 16 membered macrocyclic lactone compounds discovered at the Japanese Kitasato institute in 1967 during actinomycetes cultures with the fungus Streptomyces avermitilis [2]. This drug radically lowered the incidence of river blindness and lymphatic filariasis and was discovered and developed by William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura for which they received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2015 [3, 4]. Ivermectin is enlisted in the World Health Organization’s Model List of Essential Medicines [5].
    Several doctor-initiated clinical trial protocols that aimed to evaluate outcomes, such as reduction in mortality figures, shortened length of intensive care unit stay and/or hospital stay and elimination of the virus with ivermectin use have been registered at the US ClinicalTrials.gov [7]. Real-time data is also available with a meta-analysis of 55 studies to date. As per data available on 16 May 2021, 100% of 36 early treatment and prophylaxis studies report positive effects (96% of all 55 studies). Of these, 26 studies show statistically significant improvements in isolation. Random effects meta-analysis with pooled effects using the most serious outcome reported 79% and 85% improvement for early treatment and prophylaxis respectively (RR 0.21 [0.11–0.37] and 0.15 [0.09–0.25]). The results were similar after exclusion based sensitivity analysis: 81% and 87% (RR 0.19 [0.14–0.26] and 0.13 [0.07–0.25]), and after restriction to 29 peer-reviewed studies: 82% and 88% (RR 0.18 [0.11–0.31] and 0.12 [0.05–0.30]). Statistically significant improvements were seen for mortality, ventilation, hospitalization, cases, and viral clearance. 100% of the 17 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) for early treatment and prophylaxis report positive effects, with an estimated improvement of 73% and 83% respectively (RR 0.27 [0.18–0.41] and 0.17 [0.05–0.61]), and 93% of all 28 RCTs. These studies are tabulated in Table 1. The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive for the 55 studies to date is estimated to be 1 in 23 trillion (p = 0.000000000000043).

    • Continued —

      (more about Hydroxychloroquine) The mechanism of action against Covid19 is unclear. More research is needed to understand the mechanisms of actions CQ/HCQ have against Covid19 infection, and this requires investigations with nanoscale imaging of viral infection of host cells. Most of the published works indicate CQ/HCQ is likely effective against Covid19 infection, almost 100% in prophylaxis and mild to medium severity cases, and 60% in late infection cases. The percentage of positive works is larger if works conducted under a probable conflict of interest are excluded from the list. The result is consistent with the updated analysis provided in [2], [3], that suggests high efficacy of CQ/HCQ in early treatments and lower efficacy and controversial results only for late treatment. Statistically, 100% of early treatment studies are positive, late treatment studies are mixed with 70% positive effects, 78% of pre-exposure prophylaxis studies are positive, and 100% of post-exposure prophylaxis studies also report positive effects [2], [3].

      (It says it is effective as a preventative and almost 100% effective in mild to medium cases, less effective in more advanced cases.)

  • Mr. Peabody
    Excellent presentation of facts. Never have the powers that be in Gainesville been interested in facts however. Communists never are.

    • I’m guessing he’ll look at the 1 in 23 trillion odds of Ivermectin not actually working and say- like the Dumb and Dumber character – “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”

  • Let’s face it Ladapo is a hack – he has little to no experience with Covid or leading anything. I would however take his advice on cardiovascular disease recovery protocols to save money. Mr. Peabody – good cutting and pasting from a research article. Well done. The article is written by low level scientists in a low level journal. Have a look at this article, “Bias as a source of inconsistency in ivermectin trials for COVID-19: A systematic review. Ivermectin’s suggested benefits are mainly based on potentially biased results.” I am not saving Ivermectin doesn’t work – I am saying the jury is still out – but it likely doesn’t work as well as hoped. The vaccines do work – so what if it needs 3 shots.

  • I’m guessing Mark K is Mark Sexton, but he is too ashamed to admit it since he turned off comments for the county’s Facebook posts. He likely thinks I am another dumbed-down simpleton who will be wooed by his pious delivery of some pedantic words. No – I have training in Research Science that goes back to special programs for gifted middle and high school students taught by a PhD scientist, not to mention a formal STEM education at UF. I am well versed in statistical analysis methods and confidence intervals. I am guessing my level of scientific training surpassed Mark’s by the time I first attended the Junior Science Engineering and Humanities Symposium at UF as a 9th grader. But I’m all ears. By the way, the article he posted has been cited by TWO others. That is as good an indication as any of how seriously it is taken in the scientific community.

  • LOL. Wow Peabody – a STEM education from UF – not bad. I have earned a Ph.D in a Life Science from a major university that far out ranks UF. So my science d**k is bigger than yours. And of course the paper I suggested has only been cited by two others – check the publication date – 3 weeks ago. Your article has been cited 7 times in 6 months – not not exactly well received either. I think the article you chose has some good data. In my opinion the actual benefits of ivermectin are over-stated and/or are premature. Looking at the best available data I am not convinced. I have no time for Facebook so I am certainly not Mark Sexton.

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