Affordable Housing Advisory Committee asks City Commission to vote against the elimination of single-family zoning


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The City of Gainesville State Housing Initiatives Partnership Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (SHIP-AHAC), an advisory board that recommends monetary and non-monetary local housing incentive strategies to be included in the local housing assistance plan, voted unanimously in their July 12 meeting to send a strongly-worded letter to the City Commission, asking them to vote against the “proposed elimination of exclusionary zoning.”

The letter says that the SHIP-AHAC “was not involved in the development of” and “does not endorse” the findings or recommendations of the Exclusionary Zoning & Inclusionary Zoning Study that was presented to the City Commission on January 6 by HR&A Advisors, a consultant hired by the City. SHIP-AHAC further “formally requests to be involved in any future studies related to affordable housing.”

  • This group is miffed because commission didn’t involve them in study.

    Wouldn’t have made any difference if they had been included as commission majority isn’t listening except to their own discredited voices.

  • I’m with the advisory board on this one…protect our single family neighborhoods! I hope commissioners read these comments because voters will be remembering what they do when it comes election time.

  • This is great news!
    This city commission needs to stop acting like dictators and listen to the people they supposedly represent!!

    • They act like tyrants and hide there faces behind their masks.
      Everything they do ends up like a biomess boondoggle…can they do
      Something about the vagrants? Grace Marketplace brought more homeless and made things worse like how they made our utility rates go up.

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