Alachua County Announces New Building and Permitting Pre-Application Screening Process

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Building and Permitting Division continues to update its citizen access services. Following the implementation of building permitting in their new software, Citizenserve, and Code Enforcement data migration, they will be moving their Pre-Application Screening (PAS) process beginning on March 22, 2021. Moving the PAS system to Citizenserve will allow for easier communication between applicants and staff, better coordination with the building permit process, and the addition of online payments. To facilitate this move, they will cease taking new PAS requests at noon on Friday, March 19, 2021, and no further results will be available until March 22.

Visit Alachua County’s Citizenserve portal. After migration, all existing users will be able to access their previous PAS requests using their current contractor account or using the email address used to submit the request. Directions on accessing PAS request results will be available online on March 22.

  • Things will be so much better in our new glorious Springs County. Freedom. No building permits, no zoning, no pre-applications, no government regulations–do what you want to, build what you want to, worship Jesus and Brother John Birch 24/7. A Conservative Utopia.

    • you make it sound so good O.W…., can you sign me up?
      are you saying that I will be able to invest MY money
      the way I want to on MY private property?
      we eliminate the government waste & red tape? won’t have to buy utilities from expensive GRU? Springs
      County will be magnificent and a template for all other
      counties to follow as an example. Nothing wrong with
      Jesus…We got freedom of religion …I hope they don’t allow a bunch of liberal commis
      there…that will ruin it…look at Gainesville with all the panhandling bums!

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