Alachua County: Businesses should take down COVID-19 signs


A post today on Alachua County’s Facebook page formally acknowledged that there are no more local mandates: “To answer some recent questions again, the County’s masking order has expired. Businesses should take down the, ‘By Order of the County’ masking signs. However, businesses can still require customers and employees to mask if they choose.”

  • Whereas local leadership, after careful and deliberate interpretation of the Governor’s order are unable to find a legal, and more importantly, justifiable reason for maintaining a mask mandate, we hereby recognize the authority of the Governor of Florida to take away our Draconian rules we have imposed on the residents of Alachua County.

  • I took the “By Order of the County” masking signs down after the governors’ order and replaced it with a
    “No masks please” sign…some people still wear the masks because: 1. they are brainwashed “covidiots”.
    2. They are making it a political statement thing.
    3. They are using it as a fashion accessory.
    4. They want to cover their faces so they are unidentifiable. & 5. They want to continue the farce
    To collect unemployment benefits…why work when
    You get payed more not to work? The people who
    Are walking around wearing masks have mental
    issues. It’s simple mathematics: what’s does a
    99.7% survival rate for the general population round
    Up to? 100%! Hind sight is 20/20 and what this has
    been all along was a plan to implement global Totalitarianism (globotot) on the planet. If you want to wear a mask and get the “kool aid” shot, go ahead…don’t
    Force your political BS on me…I am free to think for
    Myself and can make my own medical decisions.
    The “globotot” plan must fail and freedom & liberty
    Must prevail…god bless America!

    • I am 74 and this is the first year I didnt get the flu or pneumonia. I will continue to mask up in crowded indoor places. I slso believe the woke liberals are trying to see how far they can push us before we rebel. Be nice to the old people and be free.

        • Imagine that…

          Wonder if the prior administration will get credit for that as much as he gets blamed for Covid…and the border crisis…and global warming…and _________?

  • Of note in the post is that business may still require masks to be used. Best Buy is one of those… I was warned yesterday by the goon at the front door that I could enter the store without a mask, but likely no one would assist me with any purchases. Avoid them if you can.

    • I believe what Best Buy is doing is called
      “Virtue signalling”…thanks for the post! They’re
      Now on my boycott list…that’s what all the woke liberal nuts are doing by wearing the masks…happy lemming collectivists….

    • Makes me wonder if they’re not offering purchase assistance would they be so inclined to allow you to walk out of the store without paying for a 60″ television?

      How times have changed…two years ago if you walked into a business with a mask on the assumption was they were being robbed. Now you walk into a business without one and they want to ignore you.

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