Alachua County COVID-19 Dashboard Returns

Press release from Alachua County

Due to increased infection rates, the Alachua County COVID-19 Dashboard has returned with the latest COVID-19 infection and vaccination information. The link will be available on the home page of the Alachua County website and will be released weekly on social media. The source of the data is the Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Weekly Situation Reports. This report replaced the daily reports on June 11, 2021. 

  • The Alachua Chronicle should post a disclaimer that the dashboard is reporting junk science.

    • déjà vu! COVID is back again!
      But this time we citizens of USA are quite fortunate & blessed that we have easy access to a vaccine should we want it. Many other countries are not as lucky!
      Our household is fully vaccinated but we are hibernating @ home while these new COVID variants play-out! We wish everyone good health! (& low insurance co-pays)

  • Jennifer, do you plan to start reporting more frequently on Covid stats?

      • The numbers are fake so I wouldn’t bother pushing the contrived fear. How bout focusing on a forensic audit of the cases and deaths reported by Alachua County? The PCR test is a fraud and the FDA reported this and the PCR test is the key to this entire plandemic. You can get a positive Rona result from a papaya with this test…

          • I feel like this is the nut to crack. We need to ban the PCR test and demand that the CDC releases data on the virus and any evidence of it’s isolation. The numbers just simply don’t add up and we need to hold these people accountable. There’s so much at stake and we need to start shoving back or these people will never stop pushing this phantom enemy. Btw, thank you for doing what you do.., great website. 👍🏻🇺🇸

      • I would like to see hospitalizations and deaths. New cases are not significant if the vaccine is minimizing the severity.

        • That’s a pretty massive “IF”… What IF the experimental injections are dangerous and don’t work? What IF the injected are shedding spike proteins and infecting those around them and causing the mutations? What IF everything were being told is a lie??

      • Definitely, please continue. With all the hype, there needs to be clarity in the Covid data. There are too many embellished counts that are made to promote a political view and maintain power and control. People want to know the facts so we can make informed decisions and take away the the panic that seems to be the life blood of those in power. It is all about power and fear. Real numbers, good or bad, are desperately needed. The present group in power distorts the data in order to keep control. There are too many lemmings that follow blindly to the detriment of those in their sphere of influence.

  • If the city and the county plan on lockdowns, quarantines, masks,
    Vaccines, shutting down non-essential business, the testing BS, moratorium on evictions, etc., like they
    Did last year, It will be tough for small business to survive again
    And may go out of business…Printing money and giving
    If to people for not working will further debase the US
    Dollar. Be prepared for business closures, inflation,
    And mental illness caused by lockdown and mask wearing. What’s this all about? Controlling the herd
    Using the “death card” and medical tyranny to usher
    In the great reset?? A push to global totalitarianism???
    Sorry, Covid-19 and it’s infinite amount of variants,
    And climate change are “big lies” being perpetrated by
    Evil people who want to destroy the US constitution
    And take our freedom away. Freedom and Liberty are
    One generation from being lost forever. How convenient,
    We have an invisible enemy. What’s it all about? Global

  • Loud & obs,,, Don’t think there will be anymore lockdowns here unless people are falling dead in the street. Believe GOV Desantis signed a bill to prevent local lockdowns more restrictive than those mandated by a Florida Executive Order.

    • And you think our local commi commissioners care
      What the constitution or what Desantis says? All it
      Takes is for a few good people to do nothing for tyranny
      To spread…king Poe can declare a BS lockdown
      By emergency order and will say “home rule”.. if we don’t
      Learn from history, it may repeat itself….

    • Herein lies the hypocrisy of our current leadership. Although they want to enforce their rules and mandates they look for ways to ignore/circumvent/break the rules put out by the highest executive office in the state. The mayor and every sitting city and county commissioner and their actions are a direct reflection in how they were raised by their parents. Their parents must be embarrassed with the POS children they raised. Too bad some of these fake leaders are now raising their own children that it’s okay to lie, cheat and steal from others.

      Future citizens… it’s no wonder the downward spiral this country is in.

  • “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance”…
    It’s the 6Ps…

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