Alachua County Emergency Action and Short-Term Emergency Order Extended

Press release from Alachua County

At their Tuesday, August 31, 2021 Special Meeting, the Alachua County Commission voted unanimously to extend both their Emergency Action, declaring a Local State of Emergency, and their Short-Term Emergency Order, requiring masking indoors in businesses. As with the initial Order, this renewal is in reaction to the alarming and dangerous spike in COVID-19 cases and the enormous strain on our residents, businesses, hospitals’ personnel, and first responders. This Order Extension begins at 5 p.m. today and is in effect until September 9, 2021.

Read the Extended Emergency Action

Read the 2nd Extension of the Short-Term Emergency Order

The primary change in the Order is the requirement (previously, this was optional) for businesses to post the masking signage at the entrances to the business. Call 352-213-4949 to have a sign delivered or use the links below to print your own. 

Carry-over Order provisions include

  • A face mask shall be worn in all indoor places when there are more than two people present. This requirement excludes private residences or spaces occupied by a single-family unit.
  • Masks shall cover the mouth and nose and loop securely around the head or ears. 
  • An employer shall not prevent its employees from wearing face masks in accordance with the recommendations of OSHA and this Order. 

Signs for businesses are available here:
Business sign letter size
Business sign legal size
Business sign 18×24

Bar and restaurant letter size
Bar and restaurant legal size
Bar and restaurant 18×24

  • Businesses I frequent are no longer interested in mandates. Employees openly wear or not wear.

  • No one is complying and it’s great. The county commissioners and school board members are useless and insignificant

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