Alachua County exclusive solid waste franchise agreement

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – On June 27, 2023, the Alachua County Commission approved an exclusive solid waste collection franchise agreement between Alachua County and GFL Solid Waste Southeast, LLC. Beginning October 1, 2023, all commercial properties in the unincorporated area of Alachua County will be required to use GFL Solid Waste Southeast, LLC for solid waste collection services.

This exclusive franchise agreement is for solid waste only. Solid waste includes garbage, rubbish, and refuse, among other things. This does not include source-separated recyclable materials or construction and demolition materials.

Affected commercial properties are encouraged to contact GFL Solid Waste Southeast, LLC at 1-800-535-9533 or 352-377-0800 to establish a customer account and enter into a collection agreement effective October 1, 2023.

  • This suppresses the free market for consumers to find the lowest cost of service. Commercial property owners have involuntary given up their rights to negotiate or find lower cost alternative business.

    • On top of that they are most likely getting property taxed for the utility service

  • These algorithm ‘moderators’ are very arbitrary, if your words to denigrate The Democrat Party or something it stands for. Maybe the BOCC could explain their rationale for requiring only the use of a government approved contractor.

  • How do they forsee this working when the majority of businesses are already in a multi year contract with another Vendor?

  • The mafia used to run all garbage/waste collection and now it looks like we’re going back to those days. Anything less than total control is unacceptable. Just wait until they start combing through your garbage looking for unapproved trash!

  • So….now that GFL Solid Waste has the so called ‘exclusive franchise agreement’ what’s to prevent them from raising their rates above any potential competitors? Somebody must be getting ‘rewarded $$$’ for this exclusive agreement and I guarantee it ain’t you and me.

  • It ain’t cool the the c of g foisted those paper straws on us…paper straws suck. Whatever happened to freedom of choice? We should be able to choose from paper or plastic straws at a restaurant.
    —That Utility authority…will it have jurisdiction over electric, water, wastewater, garbage, & recycling?

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