Alachua County info on Colonial Pipeline Incident

Press release from Alachua County

To explain the pipeline situation as it pertains to Alachua County, Alachua County Emergency Management would like to clarify some misinformation that may be circulating surrounding potential impacts to our area as a result of the Colonial Pipeline incident.

Alachua County receives its fuel from two primary locations: the port in Jacksonville and the port in Tampa. These two ports are not serviced by the pipeline. Any gas shortages we are experiencing are a result of increased public demand because of media reporting on the pipeline.

We encourage all residents to maintain their normal routine and get gas when they normally would. We do not recommend hoarding gas or filling up extra gasoline canisters in response to this pipeline incident.

  • They should have said, “to all you stupid morons who are using gasoline to wash down your toilet paper, STOP!”
    What the county should be focusing on are the stations that are jacking up the prices. They continue their efforts of raping the citizens who are already taxed to homelessness and foreclosure on their homes. And the high utility rates. And the lack of true representation. And the garbage. And the roads. And the traffic signals. And the tax rates…sorry, said that already.

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