Alachua County institutes mask mandate

Press release from Alachua County

At their meeting on August 18, 2021, the Alachua County Commission heard expert testimony on the alarming and dangerous spike in COVID-19 cases and the enormous strain it is putting on our residents, hospitals, and healthcare professionals. They also viewed expert testimony from the Alachua County School Board from the previous night. 

View the Emergency Meeting

View the School Board Meeting Expert Testimony

The Commission voted unanimously to execute Short Term Emergency Order 2021-25, which requires a return to masking indoors. The order goes into effect at 5 p.m. this evening (8-19-21). This action is in full compliance with recently enacted legislation concerning county emergency orders. As the law requires, the order expires in seven days, can be renewed every seven days up to 42 days total, is narrow in its scope, and has compelling reasons for why it is needed.

Read Short Term Emergency Order 2021-25

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“With this Order, the County has presented a clear, compelling, and overwhelming case for the need to react to the Delta variant which is running rampant in our community,” Commission Chair Ken Cornell explained. “While vaccines are the best tool for getting this latest spike under control, vaccines take time. Masking is an immediate, safe, and effective way for all of us to do our part.”

Concerning masking, the Order states:

  1. A face mask shall be worn in all indoor places when there are more than two people present, with exceptions as provided by this Emergency Order. This requirement excludes private residences or spaces occupied by a single-family unit.
  2. Such face masks shall be of a nature approved by the CDC and shall cover the mouth and nose and loop securely around the head or ears.

Signs for businesses are available here:

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  • Blow it up your asses! Try to enforce this, I triple double dare you.

  • My son said something funny yesterday about mask hesitancy… God has sent us an intelligence test and some are failing.

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