Alachua County Manager proposes property tax rate decrease for FY24

County Manager Michele Lieberman presents her FY24 Budget at the June 13 Alachua County Commission meeting


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – At the June 13 Alachua County Commission meeting, County Manager Michele Lieberman presented her recommended budget for FY24. 

Watch the Annual Report video here.

In her budget message, Lieberman recommended a decrease in the property tax millage rate for the seventh year in a row, from 7.7662 mills in the current fiscal year to 7.6414 in the upcoming year. The MSTU Law Enforcement millage will remain the same at 3.5678 mills, and Lieberman did not recommend an increase in the fire assessment fee. The stormwater fee will increase by $10, and garbage collection assessments will see small increases.

The budget recommends cost-of-living increases for all employees and increases the County’s minimum wage from $16 to $17 an hour. 

$11.7 million in infrastructure surtax funds and $8 million in general funds will be put toward pavement management, with the recently-approved pavement management plan determining the priorities for paving. According to Lieberman’s Budget Message, “The County Commission has chosen to factor in historical inequities when influencing the output of the pavement management program, particularly in Residential Roadways within Areas of Inequity… In addition, attention will be given to road segments with 15 or more work orders recorded in Alachua County’s Cityworks database.”

The video linked above shows some of the pavement projects planned for the 2023 calendar year: NW 23rd Avenue from NW 58th Blvd to I-75, SW 170th Street (CR 241) from the Levy County line to SW 134th Avenue, NE 27th Avenue from NE 39th Blvd to SR 26, and NE/NW 53rd Avenue from U.S. 441 to SR 24.

The County Commission will set the maximum property tax millage on July 11, then they will have budget meetings in August and will set the final budget in September. 


  • For those living within the Gainesville boundaries don’t start celebrating. This decrease will be non-existent once the city raises taxes.
    The city has already indicated they will be. It needs to increase the homeless population in their continued quest to suckle as much as possible from the federal government.

    Gainesville is not only home to the University of Florida, it’s also home to gullible and stupid. Those are the voters who continue to elect the progressive democrats.

  • Taxes go up every year. Its just a bait and switch to make it look better.

  • OMG. Do these fools really think we believe that for 1 second? Oh , I forgot about the Gainesville Sheeple. Question, If the County residences can’t vote in City Elections, Why are the Gainesville City wokestors allowed to vote for County Commisisioners. Excluding that bunch would be the equitable thing to do. Asking for ny wallet.

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