Alachua County Public Schools defies FDOH rules


In defiance of the emergency rule released yesterday by the Florida Department of Health, Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) has let parents know that a physician’s signature is still required to opt out of their school mask requirement.

The rule specifically states that students “may wear masks or facial coverings as a mitigation measure; however, the school must allow for a parent or legal guardian of the student to opt-out the student from wearing a face covering or mask.”

In response, ACPS sent out an email to families reminding them that the “mask requirement for students will remain in effect for the first two weeks of school and for all adults on ACPS property through September 17.” The email says families have two ways to opt out of the mask requirement: 1) Applying for a Florida Hope Scholarship to attend a private school or a school in a different district; and 2) Submitting the Student Mask Opt-Out Medical Exemption form, which “must be signed by a licensed medical doctor, a licensed osteopathic physician or a licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner. “

School starts on Tuesday, August 10.

  • They’ll soon be crying for the county to bail them out once the governor “defunds” them for deliberately defying his order.

    The Alachua County School Board really cares about your children? They put a “Shop” teacher of 4 years experience in the classroom and 0, yes, ZERO, years leading a school district in charge. What else would you expect from this “highly educated” community of liberal idiots.

    These hypocrites want someone to control anyone else’s lives but theirs. They want the district to make mandates because they’re incapable of being parents of their own children. Seeing as how they have been doing the rounds on the main stream media circuit, maybe Tyler Perry can make a new project. “Diary of a Mad Black Board Member.”

    • Yeah, but 40% of my property tax bill goes to ACSB,
      Not the governor…I gave $10,000 to education and
      Have no children! That money stayed in Alachua County. If I don’t have any children, I should be getting
      An exemption. They need to change how funding education happens…parents need to pay their fair share
      For their kids in school. Parents need to have some skin
      In the game. The parent pays half, taxpayers pay half sounds fair to me…yeah, I know the FL constitution says
      “Children deserve a free education”. If that’s the case,
      Then it must be mandatory that they pay the system
      Back with public service when they reach 18. Take the public money, give back with public service. Don’t like it,
      Then send your kid to private school.

      • The district won’t/wouldn’t be able to fund itself with the 40% of every dollar from local residents. Your $10,000 funded just 6% of the beginning superintendent’s salary.

        • Yeah, I know…but they get their funding from property tax was the point on that. All landowners
          Will be getting their “TRIM” notices next week and
          I heard they are assessing everything higher. Do you know how much Alachua County received last year from their share from county taxpayers? That money stays in the county. Divide that by the
          Number of students and tell me that #. Thanks.

          • Some of the money from the state comes from
            Gambling with lottery sales too…Desantis has
            A say in those state funds and I’m not sure about The federal funds.I’m all ears on where
            The money comes from, so anybody else feel free to jump in…

          • I.e., let’s begin with this: how much did the public school system receive last year from property taxpayers alone divided by the
            Number of students = ?

          • Let’s follow the money? Anyone know where
            The ACSB gets their money, the amounts and from whom. Local property taxpayers, the state, federal funding, etc??

          • Don’t know $$ but it is public record.

            Number of students in school system is public record as well but “actual” number attending is probably incorrect because of Covid and truants.

          • Thanks real truth…very good!😃 Desantis needs to put some teeth into his executive order: $10,000 fine per day for anyone found not in
            Compliance, imprisonment, or both!

    • So, Desantis can potentially cut out 45% of the ACSB
      Budget if they don’t comply with his order. And he should fine them $10,000/ day if not in compliance with his
      Executive order…I’m ok with imprisoning these
      Commie child abusers at any cost.

  • Choosing to defy Governor DeSantis is a big miscalculation. When you encourage anarchy you will inevitably become the victim of anarchy. The leftist, bed-wetting pinheads who run Alachua County and the city of Gainesville are setting themselves up for a most dire outcome.

    • They choose to defy Desantis’s executive order,
      We choose to defy the ACSB order. Who has the higher hand, the governor or acsb? I’m not sure cause ACSB
      Pulls the race card and the death card…”oh, people are dying”…I like that hope scholarship…
      “We don’t need no thought control! Hey, teachers, leave
      Them kids alone”. Stop the child abuse! Public schools
      Have turned into commie induction camps…take the hope scholarship deal. Senator Keith Perry sent out
      A “back to school” thing…it didn’t mention anything
      About doctor letters for kids to not wear masks. Maybe parents
      Should have to get a doctor letter for their kids to wear the mask instead!

      • It should be the parents choice for their minor child
        If they should wear a mask or not. But then again, the
        Children have rights too…if the kid wants to wear a mask, let them wear a mask, if they don’t want to wear a mask, they shouldn’t have to wear one…
        Aren’t we in control of our own bodies? Don’t we
        Have the right to choose to wear a mask or not like how women
        Have a right to keep or abort & kill a baby? You know,
        Freedom of choice…

        • Freedom of choice when it comes to the mask is:
          Do you want to wear one mask or 2 masks.——Democrats are such hypocrites!

        • Only if “they” get to make the choice for you. They want different rules for different people. Do as I say, not as I do.

          Some of these parents can’t even get their kids to attend school on a consistent basis, let alone wear a mask all day. If they can make the school mandate it, the school looks like the “bad guy” and the parent can coddle their child(ren) when they get home.

          • I can’t wear a mask for a second and it’s hell
            If I have to go to an airport and fly. Poor kids….
            Its child abuse and they are going to make kids nuts with behavioral problems. Kids have need to have a childhood…scary stuff.

  • They should have run this one through their equity calculator. Who can afford to take the kids to the doctor on an emergency basis (before Tuesday) to obtain a note? Is it the poor people on the Eastside??

  • Oh, and that fake insurrection at the capitol?
    If you believed that, wait until the protests start
    Happening if they keep pushing vaccine passports, mandatory
    Vax, and more face mask BS…this is the land of the free
    And home if the brave!

  • Facts: Most masks don’t work work to prevent propagation of aerosolized viral particles. Cloth masks simply don’t work at all in this regard. N-95 masks might provide minuscule benefit for the wearer of the mask, but because they tend to leak around the edges on exhalation they provide little protection for others. Children generally are incapable of wearing M-95 masks properly because they must be properly fitted, adjusted, and re-adjusted to strict conformity with their facial geometry throughout the day.

    Masks now primarily serve a semiotical function, rather than an epidemiological function. Those who would be your masters demand that you publicly signal compliance. Your child’s beautiful, bare face is abhorrent to them because it confirms there is an aspect of your life over which they can not yet assert absolute control.

    Remember, the only authority they have is that which the people delegate to them. The greatest weapon belongs to every man, woman, and child. It’s the ability to say “no” and live with the consequences.

    • Lex, those last 5 sentences were beautiful…we are
      Also made in God’s image is why these heathens want
      To cover a cherub’s face. The evil one is all about
      control…cover the face that’s made in god’s
      Image? They want a holy war? Onward Christian soldiers…the US constitution guarantees the right
      Of the people to protect themselves and organize
      A militia in case of a tyrannical government. The framers
      Of the Constitution knew what they were doing, &
      Believed our unalienable rights came from God, not
      From mankind. God bless America. Home of the
      Brave, land of the free! And wasn’t it Kenny Rogers
      Who said, “sometimes you have to fight to be a man”?

  • Can you ever remember a time when a respiratory virus went on a rampage during the summer? Mass “vaccination” followed by escalation of infection during the summer when it should not happen. Hmmmm. What a coincidence! Perhaps a couple of dozen booster shots will do the trick.

  • Read about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Kids all over America are coming down with it. Normally they do not contract this illness until early winter. It vaguely resembles COVID. Keep destroying the kids’ immune systems with forced mask wearing and see what comes next.

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