Alachua County Republican Party meeting will feature interview with local man who was imprisoned in Cuba after the Bay of Pigs invasion

Press release from Alachua County Republican Party

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Members of the Alachua County Republican Party will be hosting an interview with Jose “Pepe” Tomeu on Thursday, June 27, at 6:30 p.m. at the Freedom Auditorium, 7600 NW 5th Place, Gainesville FL 32607.

Pepe Tomeu joined the “Bay of Pigs” invasion as a teenager to take back Cuba from Communist Fidel Castro. The mission failed, and Tomeu was captured, becoming a communist POW and spending two years in prison. He not only survived but thrived in America following his release. Tomeu went on to start a pest control business, pioneering the use of dogs in termite detection. He was also inducted into the Senior Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2018.

The sit-down interview will be conducted by party Chairman Tim Marden and is free and open to the public, but seating is limited to the first 100 people. The interview will be filmed for an as-yet-to-be-named documentary.

“I think his up-close-and-personal experience is compelling, and we want to tell his story so others don’t follow this path. He sees many of the same things happening here in America that he saw before Castro took over. He is a story of triumph and perseverance. People will love him,” says Chairman Marden

  • Too bad the democrat voters are keeping their blinders on and won’t admit the democrat party is completely corrupted.

  • All respect to Mr. Tomeu, but what a weak a$$ effort to energize the Alachua County Republican Community!

    Whoo Hooo! What in the he)) does this guy have with trying to get Repubs on the AC BOCC or GNV CC?

    Get out on the street corners in AC and GNV and fight the peddlers for space to tout your candidates, not some story of 60 years ago!

    Stand on what you would do for AC and GNV! Not the typical BS of how bad the opposing party of Brandon is!

    • Pepe has been “getting out” for decades, sharing his story, his personal experience with the evils of communism, which is even more relevant today than it was over 60 years ago! He’s spoken to, at least, hundreds of people, individually and in small and large groups. He is a true American patriot, not just “this guy”.

  • Perfect timing, just when envious Dems hate MAGA because they know their own expertise is in shambles nationwide.

  • Pepe is a very good man who I have known for a very long time. When he still owned Alachua Pest Control the building was in a prominent location in Alachua on 241/235 just S of 441. During election season he welcomed campaign signs of all candidates in the yard because he believed strongly in democracy and freedom. And he is also a very personable and nice guy and his wife Fern is just as good. I have never heard the details of his Bay of Pigs experience with his father but I’m sure they are chilling. His rodeo activities comes from him being raised on a cattle ranch in Cuba.

  • Pepe is an amazing man and a true American and patriot! His story of his growing up in Cuba and his involvement in the Bay of Pigs transcends US political diatribe.

  • Message to Republicans. What a party of MAGA eunuchs. Not one of you has the balls to run against Chestnut in a single member district. You whine and whine about not having SMD. Now you do with three seats, a total majority of the county commission, up for grabs. This year is the best chance you ever had to flip the commission and you blew it. Did no one ever tell you can’t win an election if you do not run. Instead you are dragging up the 1950’s cold war anti communism stuff so you can feel good about Being Real ‘Mericans. Pathetic.

    • Just like you, there likely aren’t that many Republicans who live on her side of the tracks. Probably a conscious choice for certain demographic, economic or social reasons. Don’t be shy, or hypocritical -what’s your excuse?

      • Chesnut is a he and not a she. He is the County Commissioner for District 5 which includes Waldo, La Crosse, and large sections of NW Gainesville and NW Alachua County. Using “live on her side of the tracks” clearly shows you have no idea about the County Commissioners and their respective districts. Chesnut has run unopposed the past few elections.

        • Chestnut’s District 5 includes that “other side of the tracks” neighborhood of Turkey Creek. It is one of the most MAGA districts in Alachua County, and Republicans have no one to vote for.
          Must be some of that there massive Democratic “voter suppression” we keep hearing about.
          Meanwhile the Republican Leader(sic) thinks the most important issue for Alachua County voters is fighting the Cold War and worshiping the moldy corpse of Brother John Birch. Just sad and a colossal waste of time in 2024.

  • Most of the blame should lays at the feet of President Kennedy. He was the one who pulled the air support. In fact, when he did that the CIA suggested he cancel the operation because they had no chance. He refused. Also, the naval vessels were supposed to be in plain sight from shore, he ordered them pulled back over the horizon.

  • Not to worry. AC BoCC single member districts are designed to maintain single party rule. As drawn today, all 5 members could live within a mile of the intersections of University Ave and W 34th St!

  • I met Pepe when I was about 12 years old, soon after he started dating my sister, Fern. Pepe and Fern have now been married over 56 years!

    I was in awe of Pepe as a little girl. As I grew older I gained great respect for him and am very proud of all he’s done and accomplished in his life.

    Pepe’s always willing to speak about his experience with the lies and evils of communism, while also expressing his tremendous loyalty and love for his adopted country, the United States.

    He’s the epitome of the Cubans who possess great values and a strong work ethic, produced before Communism trampled that beautiful country and its good people.

    Pepe is my beloved big brother, a true patriot, and my personal hero.

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