Alachua County Request for Proposals: Public-Private Partnership for a County Administration Building RFP 22-319-LS

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Commission has received an unsolicited proposal for the design, finance, construction, operation, and maintenance of the County Administration Building. The County has determined that the unsolicited proposal is sufficient for consideration on a preliminary basis and will accept other proposals for the same project during this notification period.

Additional information on the project, including submittal instructions, is available on the County’s Solicitation Opportunities Alachua County Procurement website.

All questions regarding this project should be submitted via the question and answer tab in the County’s e-Procurement Public Portal.

Entities wishing to submit proposals for the project may do so via the County’s e-Procurement Public Portal PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (P3) FOR A COUNTY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. RFP 22-319-LS

Proposals will be ranked in order of preference by the County. In ranking the proposals, the County will consider the factors set forth in the submittal instructions.

The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or as provided under Section 255.065, Florida Statutes, to award and negotiate an interim agreement and/or comprehensive agreement with the proposer whose proposal best serves the interests of the County. Nothing contained in this notice is intended to be an obligation or binding agreement by the County regarding the project, or any commitment by the County to enter into any final agreement regarding the project.

The County’s Cone of Silence will be in effect from the initial advertisement of this notice. All communications regarding the project must be submitted via the question and answer tab in the County’s e-Procurement Public Portal. All proposals and related information received will be subject to the applicable provisions of the Florida Public Records Law.

  • Move the offices to the mall or to one of the vacant big box stores. Lots of free parking for humans who need to do business with the county and they don’t have to kill a single one of their most important citizens (gators, snakes or trees) to do it.

  • Steve H, would you be willing to run for a county commission seat? You have way more sense than than all 5 of the current BOCC members, put together…

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