Alachua County seeks participants for broadband survey and Internet speed test

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County continues its invitation to residents to participate in an online survey and internet speed test.

The survey is part of Alachua County’s Local Technology Planning Team’s Broadband Initiative to determine the internet/broadband needs of all residents of Alachua County. The primary goal is to identify unserved and underserved areas and work to determine a strategy for increasing the availability and accessibility of internet/broadband services in Alachua County.

Learn more and participate in the survey and speed test.

  • There is a question…

    “Would you be able to work from home if you had better technology?”

    You can choose Yes or No, but there is no option to say, “I do work from home, because my connection is adequate.”

    In the end, I decided not complete the survey, because it was getting too personal.

  • Cox goes down daily, no customer service reps to speak to,. They have been reported to PSC. We need options but not from the failed Alachua County Government or GRPooh.

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