Alachua County temporarily closes Four Creeks Preserve – North and South Trailhead for management activities

Press release from Alachua County

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Alachua County Four Creeks Preserve North Trailhead (8400 NW 13th St., Gainesville) and South Trailhead at (6845 NW 37th St., Gainesville) will be temporarily closed for road and trail maintenance activities. The trails will be closed beginning Monday, July 15, 2024. The closure is expected to remain in effect through an estimated period of Friday, July 19, 2024, depending on the weather. During this time, maintenance of several areas will occur in the preserve. Equipment will be operating on the roads and trail system throughout the Preserve. Trail closure was identified as the best way to protect public safety during these maintenance activities.

For visitor safety, the public is expected to observe all closure signs. Unauthorized persons may be cited for trespass. When work is completed, the county will remove the closure signs and advise the public that the trails are open again. 

The Four Creeks Preserve is actively managed through the Alachua County Forever Program, the voter-approved initiative to acquire, improve, and manage environmentally sensitive lands to protect water resources, wildlife habitat, and natural areas suitable for resource-based recreation. The referendum was first passed in November 2000. It was funded again by the voters in 2008 and 2016 and again in 2022 with the Wild Spaces and Public Places referendum.

The nearby Turkey Creek Preserve trailhead (6300 NW 93rd Ave., Alachua) remains open for pedestrians and bicycles. 

Learn more about Alachua County Forever.

  • What kind of Maintenance activities?…

    Are they harvesting pines or saying they’re removing invasive species?

    What’s it costing the taxpayers?

    Who’s doing the work, the county or one of Hutch’s buddies?

    • As if we needed “management activities” when we were kids in the woods….or, adults for that matter. It’s what happens when government takes over.

  • The entrance to this County park has zero parking with a dozen no parking signs at the mile run entrance. Even though it’s a city street, they will tow your car if you park on this dead end street to walk in the park.
    I guess some privileged person in Mile Run wants this park all to themselves.

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