Alachua County to drop most COVID-19 policies for employees and the public, effective February 28


Alachua County Manager Michele Lieberman has issued new COVID-19 procedures, effective February 28, 2022.

Masks for the public

Masks are not required in any County buildings but are “strongly encouraged when social distancing is not possible.”

Masks for employees

Masks are no longer required for employees, but employees are free to wear approved masks “as they feel comfortable.” Employees are asked to wear a mask if a member of the public asks them to wear one.

Screening for employees

Weekly testing/screening for unvaccinated employees is no longer required. Symptomatic or COVID-positive employees are required to call the COVID-19 Reporting and Assistance line.


The insurance credit incentive will expire on September 31, 2022, and all other COVID-19 incentives end on March 1, 2022.

Travel procedures

Travel is no longer restricted for unvaccinated employees; “All travel rules will follow the pre COVID-19 policies.”


Meetings can be held in person if there is a business purpose, but employees are encouraged to conduct meetings via Zoom or MS Teams.

Working remotely

Employees who are currently authorized to work remotely “shall continue to do so for the time being.” New remote working policies will be rolled out “this year.”

Leave time and compensation

Employees who must be out of work because of a positive COVID-19 test or quarantine must use their personal leave time. “There will be no additional COVID-19 leave time provided.” Workers’ Compensation Benefits will return to pre-COVID-19 coverage.

COVID-19 reporting

As noted above, employees must continue to report COVID-19 symptoms or positive tests and should not report to work until cleared to do so. Rapid tests will remain available to employees.

Constitutional Officers

Constitutional Officers have the authority to establish rules within their offices, and Alachua County employees are required to follow the rules established by Constitutional Officers while in their office.

All previous COVID-19 policies are superseded except for the reporting guidelines.

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