Alachua Democrats roiled by pro-Bielarski email


An email that was sent to the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) and also to the Gainesville City Commission, making it a public record, has exposed division within the DEC over support for the various candidates for Gainesville Mayor and has led to a call for the author of the email to resign from the DEC over a violation of the Party Loyalty Oath.

The unsigned email, sent to members of the DEC and the Gainesville City Commission, has the subject, “JOIN FELLOW DEMOCRATS AND SUPPORT ED BIELARSKI FOR GAINESVILLE MAYOR” and encourages members of the DEC to support Bielarski over the registered Democrats in the non-partisan race. The other candidates are David Arreola, Donald Shepherd, July Thomas, and Harvey Ward.

The body of the email begins, “Ed is one of you. He lives in Gainesville. He understands and faces the same issues you do. He may not be a Democrat, but he is a resident of Gainesville. While his opponents offer empty promises and buzzwords that hope to cater to special interests, Ed Bielarski offers tangible solutions to the complicated problems plaguing city hall. This campaign is not about PARTY, it is about PEOPLE. Ed Bielarski offers a mayoral platform that reaches across party lines and gives solutions that everyone, no matter their side of the aisle, can agree to.”

The email then lists contributions from prominent local Democrats to Bielarski’s campaign and concludes, “These individuals have come together across their party line to support a candidate that is not a Democrat, but that nonetheless represents the values they wish to see at city hall. They are proof that democrats, even leaders of the local democratic party, can support someone like Ed. Do not let others shame you. Do not let your party politics bind [sic] you. Support Ed Bielarski for Gainesville Mayor today.”

Financial records for all candidates may be examined here.

Bottcher calls for the author of the email to resign from the DEC

Susan Bottcher, a Precinct Committeewoman, sent a response to all the recipients of the original email, including an acknowledgment that her email would likely be covered by the media: “(NOTE: The sender of the email below also cc’d the Gainesville City Commission. That means this email is now part of the public record and is accessible by all media.) 

In her response, Bottcher demanded to know who sent the original email: “I want a name, a real name of a real person. This is clearly a campaign piece and should be noted as such in the disclaimer. Saying who it is not from is not sufficient nor is it in any way transparent.”

Bottcher explained why she does not support Bielarski: “He opposed the city’s vaccine and mask mandates and encouraged his GRU employees to loudly protest at city commission meetings against them. These measures were wisely put in place by the commission at the height of the pandemic in an effort to prevent employees, and the public they serve, from getting &/or spreading a deadly disease. The commission’s mandate was the responsible thing to do. I find it offensive that Ed vocally and publicly opposed it and encouraged GRU employees to oppose it too, when – and this is important – as a charter officer he is obligated to carry out the direction given to him by the city commissioners whether he agrees with it or not. That alone is valid grounds for him to have been fired.”

Bottcher then concluded, “Finally, I suspect this email was sent by someone within the DEC, otherwise how did they get our membership mailing list? This violates the Florida Democratic Party’s and the ACDEC’s Loyalty Oath that members are not to publicly support or endorse any non-Democrat over any Democrat running for office. Therefore the sender of this email should come forward, tell us all who he/she is and then resign from the DEC.”

All members of the DEC are required to sign the Loyalty Oath, which states, “I will not support the election of the opponent of any Democratic nominee, I will not oppose the election of any Democratic nominee, nor will I support any non Democrat against a Democrat in any election other than judicial races”

Bottcher did not respond to our request for comment.

Current and former DEC members respond

Ray Moorer, a Precinct Leader who said he sees the Democratic Party in a downward tailspin under the current “regressive” leadership, sent us his reaction to the email and Bottcher’s response: “The sending of this email to the ACDEC’s body is dysfunction at its highest, but when I was given Bottcher’s email reply to read, I was shocked at her response because this is something they brought on themselves and it sounds like it came out of the mouth of a Trump loyalist. For example: ‘I want a name, a real name of a real person.'”

Moorer said the Executive Committee had been frantically “holding back a mutiny” on May 11, and “so many of the membership were whipped up about the Ed Bielarski race. The sad thing is, the so-called ‘Progressives’ (Regressives) have been so disrespectful to African Americans that they walked away in droves.” Moorer said that the loss in African American members in the DEC has resulted in one case in which a State Committeeman was elected who had only been in the Alachua County Democratic Party for 3 months and that he “sparsely attends monthly meetings… [Some] Harvey Ward ‘supporters’ have told Black people in ACDEC Meetings to ‘shut the hell up’ in front of the body. There is no order and respect in this Alachua County Democratic Party.”

Armando Grundy-Gomes, who was named in the original email as a donor to Bielarski’s campaign, sent the following statement to Alachua Chronicle: “First and foremost, the emails sent throughout the DEC are not surprising… My name appeared in one of the emails, and for complete transparency, I resigned from my position as a DEC member in early February 2022.”

Grundy-Gomes also told us he believes the progressives in the DEC are “fake allies” who want to “over police Black people, which is something that many Black people and I are tired of. Edward Bielarski will receive the maximum allowed for donations from me.” He cited Harvey Ward’s recent vote to begin the process of reinstating the open container ordinance as an example of an “Anti-Black” policy. Grundy-Gomes said that in addition to a $600 donation to Bielarski’s campaign and his intention to donate the maximum to that campaign, he has donated $100 to July Thomas and $20.22 to David Arreola.

  • Oh please! Bottcher and the other performative progressives are the reason people should vote to support Ed! These former so-called progressive but closeted racist and misogynistic democrats are what is destroying this community. How can Ed be against a vaccine when his wife is immune compromised? Ed stood up for choice and that’s why employees turned out in force to support him. That’s why Ward-never-miss-a-meal fired him. Jealousy! The unemployed pretenders on the commission who wave BLM hashtags and Facebook rants need to join Bottcher. We are ready for to sweep you and your cronies out.

    • A little strife in the democrap DEC huh? How nice. Maybe ex-mayor Queen Peking and Ratchet Botcher can rescue those not-woke-enough blokes! Senor Santos could step in to “step-in-it” big time like he does on a daily basis. Those woke folks on the commission will all be out on their butts shortly. No more gov-mint checks folks. Find a job. Burger King is hiring.

    • I think they are going to regret firing Bielarski. His next job will be informed by his last one, and hopefully, there will be a significant shift on the commission…

      • Yes, the good news is Pitiful Poe is term limited and Santos the Imposter (wannabe minority – white boy) is too. The two know-it-alls should never show their face again after the disasters they’ve caused! Troubled Financial Statements, lowered credit rating with drastic increase in debt for GRU, highest utility rates in state, highest property tax increases allowed, on top of Biden hand-outs, state comptroller investigation with many negative results, unhappy citizens, on and on!!!!They should be prosecuted as it will take many years to recover from their ugliness and heck knows what else!!!

    • Great comment Bobbie. You’re right that none of the city commission main players has or have had an important outside job or successful career. Pretty much all losers. Poe: taught HS kids history in dual enrollment, falsely claiming to be an economics professor who has no such degree before being let go. Saco: an attorney? Where? Hayes:Santos: employed 15 minutes or so somewhere and volunteered on career board months before driving it to bankruptcy and being removed. Ward, worked with churches mainly, doing what nobody knows. Easy to see he has very little experience. We’ve always needed successful business people to step up and run but rarely get any the last few years due to the DEC effort, that has now crumbled throughout this land, thanks to bad apples like Biden (Joe, Hunter, and their clan) and these local p-poor examples of reckless spending on failed projects and illogical mandates and codes that destroy our community.

  • Blacks have left, because they’ve realized that the Democrats are the actual racists, being the party of Jim Crow laws, the KKK, President Wilson, who even showed the pro-KKK film, Birth of a Nation, in the White House, and Planned Parenthood, murderer of more black babies than any other organization.

    Their policies have only ever kept poor black people from staying dependent on the government, rather than allowing them to learn the truth of our nation’s black heroes, who came out of slavery to be successful inventors, educators, scientists, war heroes, and Republican politicians. Look this up and learn for yourself at the WallBuilders web site.

    It’s past time we learn the true history of our country, not the democratic, government-school version.

    • Wow!! Excellent comment!!! You sure hit the bull’s eye with that one.

  • WOW they should be signing a “Loyalty Oath” to the people they represent not to a party.
    Sounds kind of like a Hitler party thing.

    • Yep.. and why should it matter in a supposedly Non-partisan race? really all local races should be made non-partisan even though they aren’t really. eliminate the primaries and the games played by parties for races like Sheriff and Tax Collector.. but then we have multiple issues with people living in wrong districts here as well that have happened in the past few years.

  • Yet when McGraw discovered she didn’t meet the requirements to serve on the SBAC these hypoCRATS didn’t utter a word.
    Character and integrity is practically non-existent with them. Remember that when the polls open.

  • If the vaccine mandate were for ANY OTHER disease but Covid, it’d make sense to mandate. But it was Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” of half-baked and rushed jabs which caused Covid to keep mutating still today. It’s funny how Dems support it like they support Roe, without question. Real science shows we should wait next time, until a disease stops mutating naturally, then kill it like other bugs.

  • There’s almost nothing more entertaining than leftist autophagy. Pass the popcorn!

  • Bielarski seems like a nice guy as opposed to seeming like a mean drunk. He’s obviously more intelligent and accomplished, and there’s something to be said for not having lived his whole life here in Hogtown.

  • If pudgy H Ward actually thinks he has a chance at Mayor, he should be committed to a mental “ward”. Wants the city to defy state law over gun rights then, according to the paper, used a gun to run off a couple that did work for his dad without paying them. Arreola looks and acts like a college freshman, another illogical choice that won’t fly. Adios senors Ward and Arreola! And goooood riddance!

    • Dem leaders have used gerrymandered minority districts to create a siege-like war footing that won’t tolerate political dissent among citizens and fellow leaders. Similar to how the PLO and Hamas does. They won’t integrate, or be called Uncle Toms, since they blame the “other” — while many voted with their feet instead. Integration was the deal, but some prefer gerrymandering forever.

  • Botcher: the masks only purpose is to shock people
    And keep them away. Covid is the common cold.
    Enough of your lies. Put your face mask on and get
    On your broom. You are like the witch from the wizard
    Of oz.

    • And criminals use them so they can’t be identified…
      And you got your hypochondriacs..and political statement for social justice types & fascist totalitarian communists.

  • It sounds like her name should be Bittcher instead of Bottcher. Tell her to go “Bottch” at someone who cares.

  • I __________, swear that I will vote for anyone, regardless of qualifications or policy objectives, if told to do so by elite democratic party operatives.

  • Bottcher is upset because someone on the inside botched up the grand plan to keep one of the So€i@lists in power. Afraid someone that knows what’s going on inside will be elected and expose the fraud and corruption in City Hall.

    Are you liberals happy with your circumstance? If not, it’s time to give Ed Bielarski a cance.

  • Kim Barton will declare Biden won everything thing again, all these cheat election pros wanna 2020 more, do you have anything to lose

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  • Blacks for Biden, what would AngryJew do to sell fake elections and Kim Barton again!

  • An oath only a true tax at the highest and spend ridiculously could love. So much blind loyalty required in order to look over obvious shortcomings. Maybe her excellency and highness Bottcher the “Precinct Committeewoman” can make demands like an old sourpuss who has outlived her usefulness, but it doesn’t mean that all of the lower serfs will obey her. LOL, what a cranky liberal zealot. Right in the same vein as Mr Poe, who probably imagines himself as congressman or governor. LOL. Might make dog catcher in another county along with his lap dog Hayes-wannabe-santos (ain’t got a clue). Can’t believe they haven’t tried passing their own pro-abortion law like they tried with gun bans. The old DEC who got these ignorant players elected has been shattered. From WH senile Joe Biden all the way to the lowest DEC in Alachua county, they’ll be thrown out with the bath water.

  • How is Sleepy Joe doing with upholding his Presidential Oath of Office? Is Kama-lush doing better?

  • I am an employee of GRU, who participated in the lawsuit and subsequent protests. Mr. Bielarski NEVER encouraged our protests of city commissioners!! He carried out the mandates, as directed by the commissioners. Period. It doesn’t matter whether he was “for or against,” he DID his job!! This kind of dishonesty really gets under my skin!

  • Known Ed for twenty years, was his neighbor in Pennsylvania. He has always been honest and candid. There is no reason for the democrats to expect loyalty to their cause when their cause is to support incompetence and corruption. He is honest, competent and a clear thinker who will do well as mayor. Ed, good luck- wish Donna and I could vote for you.

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