Alachua Police Department hires former APD Chief and ASO Colonel at rank of Captain

Press release from Alachua Police Department

ALACHUA, Fla. – Former Alachua Police Chief, Chad D. Scott, will return to the Alachua Police Department effective June 20, 2024. Scott will return at the rank of Captain and will be assigned to coordinate special projects as well as other administrative duties and assignments. Captain Scott comes to the Alachua Police Department with a wealth of knowledge and an outstanding track record of leadership in policing. Captain Scott has served in multiple leadership roles including Chief of Police, Colonel, and most recently, Major at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Jesse J. Sandusky said, “We are excited to have one of our former leaders return home. With Captain Scott’s leadership abilities and knowledge of our local community, I know that he will serve the citizens well in this new endeavor.”

  • Scott’s a good guy!

    I have nothing against Gainey but Scott’s gonna get my vote for sheriff this year.

    • I’d be curious to hear any legitimate arguments for or against either guy. I could care less about the supposed party they run under. Too many care way too much about the R or D beside the candidates name. I knew all the party-liners would instantly downvote but I’m truly curious as to why.

      • While we do not have hard information right now, consider the fact that the State Attorney recused himself from the investigation into ASO under Clovis Watson because he endorsed Gainey. Watson is not running, so that implies that a target of the investigation is involved in the race, and that would point to Chad Scott.

      • We Democrats hate Republicans. Normally I don’t care what a person’s political beliefs are. But Republican’s policies are fascist and they hurt other people. So as a Democrat it would be a cold day in hell before I vote for ANY Republican.

        • I’m sure the individuals primarily from the east side of the county are hurting one another far more than Republican policies.

      • The fact that republicans will lie and twist facts, but most importantly their loyalty to nothing but a cult-leader–wanna-be-king, is enough that I will never vote that way again. This party has let themselves be destroyed by this man-child who cares only about himself. So when I see such misguided loyalty, it makes me feel that a republican sheriff would follow the dangerous and outrageous directions, whether right or wrong, truth or fact. Can’t have it.

        Scott has my vote to do what is right. Period.

        • Nice to see you’re making that decision on your own and aren’t being manipulated and told who to vote for.
          I respect that.

  • So its a hire knowing it may be only short term? Seems like a pointless hire into a pointless position unless of course, Scott is dropping out of Sheriffs race (which I doubt). Whatever the reason for Alachua to hire Scott, my vote will go to Sheriff Gainey. Just remember that Alachua also gave us Clovis Watson.

  • Has he decided to withdraw from consideration for the position of Sheriff in Alachua County?

  • Clovis Watson appointed Joel Decoursey to APD Chief who appointed Chad Scott to Chief and when Watson and Decoursey took over command at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office they brought in Scott at the level of Major with the intention of him becoming the next Sheriff after Watson. Those same individuals had Sandusky appointed to Alachua Police Chief when Scott left for ASO and rumor has it they did so to maintain leverage over APD. Several months after Scott was given the Major position at ASO he was promoted to a newly created position, created by Decoursey and Watson, with no new job responsibilities but a reported $30,000.00 raise in salary. Scott, who is heavily endorsed and supported by Watson and Decoursey was forced to resign from ASO due to state laws regarding running for the office of Sheriff while employed at the same agency. If you are a citizen of the City of Alachua, you should inquire as to how much the new Captains positions at APD is paying Scott, what are the “special projects” and ensure that Scott isn’t campaigning or politicking while on the tax payers dime. Do so because it is strongly doubted that your Police Chief will properly supervise Scott due to the fact that Scott gave him his job as Chief.

    • And make sure he is not double dipping like he did at ASO under Sadie Darnell. She canned him for it before the Watson syndicate had him as APD Chief.

  • The Watson corruption comes home to roost where it all began. Sandusky will lose his job and Chaddy will take over again. Guess he realizes he doesn’t gave a shot at being Sheriff.

  • Chad is a good man. He did a tremendous job with fixing the gang activity in Alachua several years ago. I’m a big supporter.

  • He was part of Clovis’s crew. Clovis brought him on as his #3. Clovis wrecked ASO. Please don’t vote for Scott, he’s just Clovis 2.0. If you care about your deputies please consider Gainey and if you have to vote for a D then go with Simmons.

  • Business as usual I see. This party…that party, the standard corruption for APD.
    If the voting public would take the time to research the candidates and issues at hand, they’d probably make a better decision on who to vote for.
    Knowing that’s asking a lot, let the chips fall where they may.

  • In August 2023, Chad Scott’s son died of a drug overdose (or a regular dose laced with fentanyl). Chad was reportedly present at the arrest of the dealer who allegedly sold his son the drugs. In Coronel’s mugshot it appears that he was beaten.

    Regardless of how you feel about the drug dealer, it was against policy for Chad Scott to be involved in the arrest (and, if appearances are correct, the beating) of his son’s dealer.


    • If that us the case then FDLE needs to investigate that. If guilty of anything charge him.

  • Don’t know how this became REP vs DEM. This is simply about Chad Scott who tainted his Sheriffs star for money. Investigation proved that and he quickly paid money back so he was not charged with felonies. I’m sorry but no matter where he goes in law enforcement he will always have the tainted badge. The public expects law enforcement to be above reproach. I for one will never respect him or trust him around money. He is also a Clovis Flunkie and where there is smoke …… That is why I am not voting for him.

  • If you aren’t concerned with Sandusky creating a new Captain position for Chad Scott at APD you should wake up and realize what’s really going on APD. Scott didn’t take that job to help enforce the law, he took the job so that he could get paid to politic and run his campaign for Sheriff. You better belief Chief Sandusky is aware of that. They don’t work for a private business, they work for the citizens of Alachua and their salaries are paid for by the citizens. City of Alachua citizens should look into where their money is going with those hire and what services are they paying for. The following quote is from Chad Scott’s campaign FB page today:

    “ As you all saw last week, I’m excited to share that I have officially qualified for the ballot for Sheriff of Alachua County. While I’ve been working with the appointed-Sheriff for the past nine months, last week we qualified for the ballot and as the law stands, I had to officially resign from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

    Although stepping down from my position was bittersweet, I’m excited for the campaign ahead.

    My goal is to return in November with a victory for all of us. Yesterday, I started my new role as a Captain back in Alachua. I’d love for you to stop by and say hello!

    – Chad”

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