All adults required to wear masks inside public schools beginning tomorrow

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Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon sent a memo to district employees today, letting them know that all employees, vendors, volunteers, and other visitors will be required to wear masks inside all schools and district facilities beginning tomorrow, August 3. Masks will be required regardless of vaccination status. The mask requirement will remain in place through September 17.

The memo says the district is working on an agreement with ACEA, the teachers’ union, to offer $100 to all employees who are currently vaccinated and those who get their shots by September 17.

Employees who are fully vaccinated and have to be out due to COVID, either because they’ve tested positive or have had close contact with someone who has, will be provided paid leave by the district. Employees who are not fully vaccinated must use their own leave time.

  • 不不不As usual, the tail wagging the dog. They looked, they found a way around the governor’s “no masks” order in schools.

    What the health department should be tracking are the number of employees taking advantage of the situation.

    If the superintendent and district personnel were really all in, they would pay the $100 per employee out of their salaries, or at least out of the car allowance, ($650 I believe), instead of continuing to follow the lead of city and county leadership by raping the taxpayers. $650 x 12 = $7800. That would help an awful lot of people unable to pay their exorbitant GRU bills.

    Oh, almost forgot, they are of the “do as I say, not as I do” movement.

  • I can’t imagine this will stand up to a legal challenge, but since hardly anyone votes for school board members, this is who we get.

    • Our elected School Board have faced unprecedented challenges since COVID emerged last March. They have done a fairly admirable job in a very difficult situation. The mask mandate for adults is in line with what Disney, McDonald’s, Publix & other major employers are doing as well as CDC guidance.
      Elementary age school children are too young for vaccination. They will be denied a classroom compliant with CDC guidance. They essentially will be “lab-rats” in a vast human experiment on children.
      Everyone has the opportunity to run for school board as well as governor & if elected implement their own ideas & policies. Democracy! The same process / mechanism is used by our School Board & Governor!

      • 不不不 Admirable? Like insisting you are the true school board member? Or maintaining the presidential election was “stolen?” This whole pandemic has been an orchestrated political agenda with one purpose.

        BS! Neither are admirable. This country is in a state of moral decay and it will never recover.

        • This country is in a state of moral decay and it will never recover….I never thought this could happen to the United States of America, the best country in the world.they ruined the $, ruined the economy, turned schools into commie induction camps. They have taken liberty & freedom away with medical tyranny by forcing masks, vaccines, & quarantines on healthy people… who do you think
          will win the battle between good & evil? godless, jealous, baby killing hater/commies or god fearing
          Freedom & liberty loving Americans who believe in inalienable rights and the constitution? I believe
          The winners will be the god fearing freedom & liberty lovers. God bless America! Dont tread on me….

      • And meanwhile, the GD border is wide open and these commies want to tell us to wear a mask or else?!?! I say..#$&@ you, you pink sweater wearing usurpers! If you think a true conservative has a chance to take any seat in Alachua County, youre smoking crack, these anti-American scum have all but perfected election theft and the liberals are too damned WOKE and stupid to see it!

  • Great Reply! And this is what we unfortunately know from actions.this pandemic continues to be used to create diversity, scare and absolutely change the Constitutional face of this Great Nation.

  • Paid sick leave to those who get the shot? No paid
    Sick leave if you dont get the shot? a lot of
    Teachers are going to get paid not to work because they
    Will Test positive with that BS PCR test. All adults must
    Wear a mask regardless of Vax or not? Why get the
    Shot if you still have to wear a mask? Its all commie
    BS because Covid is nothing more than a renamed common cold virus…its all
    About the money…$100 if you already got the shot, $100
    If you will get the shot, you get unlimited paid vacation if you are
    Asymptomatic with a positive PCR test that gives false positives 85% of the time and to 平 mangoes. Sounds like a real sweet deal for those union teachers…lots of
    Incentives to get that shot, huh? You may not be able
    To travel without that shot, huh? what are you going to do
    When the mob grabs you and holds you at gun point
    And gives you an injection? Im not a guinea pig for
    Some experimental vaccine…you couldnt pay me
    Any amount of money to take that mark of the beast.

  • We are at the school board meeting and they are voting to mandate masks for school children directly violating the governors orders. I am greatly disappointed that Alachua county residents dont show up to advocate for our children, freedom and the U.S constitution stop complaining and take action!!! Show up at all the school board meetings and county commissioners meetings.

    • I’m greatly disappointed that the liberal idiots who continue to run things haven’t been run out of town. Equally disappointed people who have things already only wish to keep others from being successful and keeping them in bondage.

      All you liberals, keep on believing. When they run out of conservatives to attack, they’ll come after you.

  • Laughing at all the whining conservatives on this page. You will wear a mask, you will take the vaccine, and TRUMP LOST! Just like DeathSantis will next year!

    • Not going to wear a mask. Personal choice whether to get the vaccine or not. Trump did lose.

      All of that and yet your dumb liberal arse keeps coming back here to get real news that can be trusted.

      Keep on believing.

    • Honey, if I were you I wouldnt laugh. No, Mr. Trump was not re-elected, we got Mr. Biden & Ms. Harris. In the less than six months they have been in office, we have lost our energy independence, our Southern border is wide open with COVID-19 positive illegals, along with others being shipped all over our country; our covid policy is incomprehensible & changes momentarily & his proposed legislation is so costly that our great-grandkids will still be paying!!! This is on Six months!!

    • Another poor soul suffering from arrested development… Do you realize that if we were in 1930s Germany, youd be siding with the NAZI Party? Let that sink in.

  • The mask requirement is just an admission that the “vaccine” is a failure. Do you doubt the vaccine scam? Here’s what Paul Craig Roberts stated: “Listen to Jeffrey Zients who has the exalted title of Biden Coronavirus Response Coordinator. He said Bidens idea of state and local governments giving people $100 to get themselves vaccinated is perhaps helpful, but in addition to incentives, its time to impose some requirements based on the realities of different risks unvaccinated individuals pose versus those who have been vaccinated.

    Does anyone really believe that it is impossible that Zients is unaware of the internal Pfizer memo reported in the New York Times and Washington Post? This is the memo that says that vaccinated people make up three-quarters of those infected in a massive Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak, that the delta variant is as easily spread by vaccinated people as by the unvaccinated, and that the pivotal clinical trial for the Pfizer Covid vaccine shows it does nothing to reduce the overall risk of death from the virus. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/twitter-suspends-science-writer-after-he-posts-results-pfizer-clinical-test?utm_campaign=&utm_content=Zerohedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter

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