Animal Resources responds to dog attack

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – At approximately 3:42 p.m. yesterday afternoon, a Combined Communications Center Alert went out referencing an attack on a resident by three dogs in the Sunningdale Subdivision. The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office requested Alachua County’s assistance. 

Two Alachua County Animal Resources’ Field Services Division units were immediately dispatched. Upon arrival, officers learned that a woman was transported to a local hospital with severe dog bite wounds by a good Samaritan but that the attacking dogs were still on the loose. Animal Resource Officers were able to locate the three dogs in question, and they were taken into custody. Officers confirmed that multiple bites to the victim had occurred.

Animal Control Officers were able to locate the dog owner, who was told that the County had taken custody of the dogs and that they would be quarantined at the shelter, per state statute, pending further investigation.

  • Was it three Irish Setters? How about Dalmatians? No need to guess… we likely know the answer.

    • Pit bulls. Its terrible when irresponsible people get these beautiful dogs…the county & city needs to require permits, rabies Vax, & proof of liability insurance, fenced yards for pit bulls so responsible people get these dogs…people who get bit get need their medical bills paid, etc. A pit bull ordinance needs to be enacted in the city & county…they need to be discussing this in public safety committees now. Miami has a pit bull ordinance for a reason…now it’s time for us to address the issue here.

      • Miami-Dade County has a pit bull BAN. Which is a good thing. There are no responsible pit bull owners – that’s a myth.

      • There’s nothing ‘beautiful’ about them, the breed needs to be banned, period.

      • Nothing beautiful about them. They are vicious and ugly creatures that were created by evil men for blood sports. They need sterilized out of existence. We also need a one and done rule. If a fighting dog attacks anyone or anything, put the mongrel down.

        • how about they sterilize you out of exsitance…not all pitbulls are vicious if raised right they are sweet

          • Your second point is false, and as for your first…well, it sounds as ‘vicious’ as an aggressive pitbull.

  • How is it people let their dogs run around. I would be horrified if my dog hurt someone due to my negligence. 🙏🏼

  • Were the dogs repeat offenders, too? If so, their names should be changed. Any suggestions?

  • I will tell you the carnage that I experienced yesterday upon the scene of the unprovoked attack on two women (walking without pets) is something that I will never forget. I knew when the third dog sprinted to join the melee that it was “game over-life over” type of situation.
    Thanks to the bravery of the lawn crew at Millhopper Lawn (Andrew Owen & crew)—(who put their lives in danger to clear the path for victims to get away?) two of the four total victims of the attack by three Amstaff terriers would have a different storyline without their bravery. These dogs have harassed and/or attacked quite a number of people and dogs but until yesterday–I never knew what it was like to prepare myself to see someone killed by three dogs. It may seem dramatic but I said it on Nextdoor-the 5 neighborhood of .25 to 6 acres lots surrounding the radius of the attack better be prepared to die if this situation is not permanently rectified. The victims were not even on the property of the dogs.
    I won’t speak for the maimed victim but I will speak to my ten -year old daughter who sat next to a woman with parts of her leg torn off as her mommy drove from SW to NFRmC with no less than every car yielding to our car for 3-5 lights. We had no time to waste.

    The sad story is all the neighbors within 2 miles know this is not the first or second incident–go on Nextdoor and it has been going on for years. Either the County Attorney makes the right choice or be prepared to die. Be prepared for the bus stop of kids on 8th Avenue up to Cobblefield to die. No one is safe. Most who live in these neighborhoods have been here for 30-40-55 years. Sad day on earth —I could live anywhere but I love my neighbors –the wildlife –the true community.But how much more do we have to tolerate. I apologize for rambling but I was at the ER waiting for the next victims to roll in . We all knew death was very close.

    The men on the ground made it possible to get the two victims in my car. The compassion and response of the ER staff at NFRMC was like a scene out of movie–bravo! It was so horrifying that even the full lobby in the ER had to process what they experienced. County Attorney –please back up our Animal Control officers as I hear you are doing but this situation can’t have a happy ending without sound actions. It’s not ” if” but “when”. It will be a long road for the victim and I hope we don’t let her down.

    • Thank you for sharing what you experienced, I can only imagine how traumatized everyone involved will be in addition to the the physical injuries. It sounds like this was 100% avoidable, w
      hich makes it so much worse.

    • Thank you for saving my friend and bringing her to the hospital. You are a hero. ❤️

  • I always carry pepper spray and a water bottle. I have had a couple of incidents where dogs chased me on my bike and each time one squirt from my water bottle in their direction either distracted or startled the dog and they ended the chase. Of course when you get a pack of pit bulls attacking you I’m sure it’s far more dangerous.

  • Yes it would be avoidable if the owners would keep the dogs locked up but it sounds like the dogs get loose quite a bit and wreak havoc and the law does nothing about it. One has to wonder what is wrong with the owners too?.Every one of those dogs should be euthanized. They don’t need to be returned to the owners or any neighborhood. Three loose pit bulls is a disaster waiting to happen. Pack mentality. It takes somebody seriously injured or killed to get a reaction. I’m hoping the reaction is appropriate.
    Check out the website dogsbite.com

  • The city has 46 job postings open and is still hiring employees that were interviewed or in the hiring pipeline. No hiring freeze yet. No progress in cutting spending.

  • FYI “Am Staff” is another term for pitbull. The same exact dog can be registered with the AKC as an American Staffordshire Terrier and with the UKC as an American Pitbull Terrier. It’s the identical breed. The AKC gave the breed a new name to obscure its origins in the fighting pit.

    Pitbulls seriously injure or kill people on an almost daily basis, and the number of attacks is increasing. No other breed inflicts as much damage when it attacks — or attacks as frequently. (“But my sweet darling pitbull Luna is a service dog for disabled ducklings!” Nobody cares.)

    Ban the breeding of pitbulls and start jailing owners who let their vicious dogs run free and attack. Disagree? Go watch the gruesome video of the elderly gentleman who got mauled to death in San Antonio just a few weeks ago and then try to tell me that these dogs belong in family homes.

    I hope the victim recovers and these dogs are put down so the community can feel safe again.

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