Canceled: Another GPD K-9 information meeting scheduled for April 10 at Littlewood

Press release from the City of Gainesville

UPDATE: This meeting has been canceled.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – City of Gainesville leaders have scheduled another community meeting to inform neighbors about the status of the Gainesville Police Department K-9 Unit, hear from the community, and answer questions. Join us for this meeting next Monday, April 10.

When: Monday, April 10, 6-7:30 p.m.

Where: Littlewood Elementary, 812 NW 34th St.

  • It has been made abundantly clear that the residents want the canine unit. The entitled commissioners and criminals don’t want it. This meeting is a feel good event where nothing will come from it.

  • Watch the just released video where a canine saved TWO officers lives in Pinellas County on March 12,2023!

  • WTF do our leaders allow GPD to be treated this way? Tell your voters to grow up and be adults. Then they won’t fear a K-9 chomping on their behinds.

    • Because, most, if not all of them feel the same way. They are not supporters of police.

  • Cops need k9 to do their jobs. When I call the cops, I need them to arrive with the cavalry and resolve the situation. Give law enforcement what they need to keep us safe. I don’t care if criminals get bit. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Follow law enforcement commands, keep your hands where we can see them, and don’t run and all will be fine.

    • I don’t care if criminals get bit either, in fact, that’s one of the purposes of the K-9 Units. I REALLY don’t give a flying fig that some life long felon lost an eye either (he kept his officer safe) so those who don’t want K-9 Units can shove that one where the sun don’t shine. These dogs do many different jobs from protecting their officer to pursuing fleeing felons, to finding felons who are hiding and if they bite some low life criminal I say good for them! But have the dog checked to make sure it didn’t pick up some disease from the thug it bit.

    • Bullwinkle,
      Damn Straight. Preach it. The people that are in charge should be held accountable for these irresponsible decisions.

  • How about we go ahead and cancel the rest of these meetings. 90% of the community supports these dogs. We support our police officers and their use of the dogs. We support these dogs being loosed on dangerous felons who disobey lawful commands. And we in no way feel any sadness over some perp who loses an eye, or a nose, or an ear or any other body part due to these dogs doing their job and bringing them into custody.

    There you have it- no need for any more K9 meetings.

  • It’s becoming abundantly and unquestionably clear who should be cancelled.

    Maybe they should put that on the RTS buses instead of all the attorney promotions.

  • Is the Loudmouth Activist going to Kick Curry and the Police Chief butt again? Shout everyone down and not get arrested. What a Circus atmosphere for a very serious matter , that is a no brainer , unless you stand against Law and Order.

    • And We can All bring Snikers for the K-9’s too. Chief Inspector Jamie Kurnick says that the k-9 likes them. But should We bring regular or white snickers🤔.
      Well either way chocolate is toxic to dog’s.

  • We don’t need another stinking meeting, get those dogs on patrol!! 🦮👮‍♂️

    • Wow jimmy why you only use the white cop emoji and Not a Black one along with the white one . Oh! The Black ex k-9 officer is suing GPD for mistreatment, racism and a few other things. Let him be Heard and let’s hear if they said Nig*ers on the Eastside. Bite bite bite.

  • The Truth Hurts.
    Poor Stewardship, feeding the K-9 Chocolate. No racism there or was it white chocolate snickers🤔. It doesn’t matter. I got the word from Chef Inspector Jaime Kurnick and We know that Jaime would Not Lie to Us. That Entire police department is a Sham.

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