Another victim comes forward in case of man charged with raping 11-year-old


NEWBERRY, Fla. – Justin Harold Krumwiede, 41, of Newberry, has been charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition, possessing child pornography, and directing a sexual performance by a child after another victim came forward.

Krumwiede was previously arrested in March after a girl came forward to accuse him of raping her 3 times in 2019-2020 when she was 11 years old; he posted $250,000 bail and was released, but he was arrested again in May and charged with three counts of possession of obscene material after pornographic materials were found on his devices. He has been held in the Alachua County Jail since then on $1,500,000 bail.

Now a second victim has come forward; her parents are reportedly friends of Krumwiede’s who let her spend the night at Krumwiede’s house during spring break of 2021, when she was 12. Krumwiede’s spouse and her children were out of town, so the victim was alone with Krumwiede; the victim said that she slept in one of the kids’ bedrooms, then woke up and went into the back yard to read a book. She said that while she was outside, Krumwiede came outside completely nude, laid a towel on the ground, and lay down on his back to get some sun. She said she was “stunned” at this.

The victim also reported that Krumwiede would walk around the house completely naked while she was there and that similar behavior had happened while she had been at the house in the past with the victim in the first case.

The victim’s family told a Gainesville Police Department detective that on the day Krumwiede was released on bail in April, he took a short walk with their daughter and told her that he had a picture of her nude torso on his phone and had accidentally forgotten to delete it. He said he had intended to send it to her parents to explain to them “how she was dressed inappropriately,” but the parents said he had never mentioned the picture before that day.

The detective reported that a search of Krumwiede’s seized desktop, laptop, and cell phones showed “numerous” photos of this victim lying asleep on the bed in the kids’ room; some show her shirt pulled all the way up to her neck, with her torso fully exposed.

Krumwiede has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior on a victim between the ages of 12 and 16, possession of obscene material, and directing a sexual performance by a child. An additional $1,000,000 bond has been added to the previous $1,500,000 and $250,000.

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