APD statement on the crash injuring seven teenagers early this morning

Press release from Alachua Police Department

On Tuesday, May 3, at approximately 4:13 a.m., officers with the Alachua Police Department observed a blue Mercury 4-door vehicle driving erratically in the area of NW 159th Place. Officers attempted to catch up to the vehicle in order to effect a traffic stop. The vehicle continued traveling through the neighborhood while increasing speed. Disregarding a red illuminated traffic signal, the vehicle crossed 4 lanes of NW US HWY 441 on NW 141st street (Main Street). Due to the blatant disregard for traffic control and the risk of danger to other motorists, the original officer ceased the attempt at stopping the vehicle.

Officers continued looking for the vehicle in the area of CR 235. Another officer met the vehicle, which was traveling at a high rate of speed heading southbound on CR 235. The officer turned around and attempted to catch up to the vehicle; however, due to the high rate of speed, the officer lost visual contact and subsequently deactivated their emergency equipment. Due to the erratic and unsafe driving behavior, the officer continued searching for the vehicle, which was later found to have crashed in the tree line along CR 235. The driver and occupants of the vehicle, all juveniles, suffered multiple degrees of injury.

The crash is being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol. Charges are pending.

  • They’re lucky to be alive and hopefully they, and their parents, learned a lesson.

    Where were the parents during all of this and why in the hell did they allow their children, all 17 and under, to be out at 4:00 in morning?!

    Must have been a nice phone call, “Hello, Are you the parents of Timmy, Jane, Deshonda, Jimmy,…? They’ve been transported to the hospital because they almost died this morning.” Some parents are more concerned with allowing a teacher to talk about gender preference with their kids than they are about where their children are. Time to step up and exercise those parental rights and responsibilities instead of trying to be their best friend.

    I don’t believe in abortion but I believe in birth control. It should have been used by the parents of these children. It’s cheaper than a funeral.

    • The step up and be a parent, time to take those parental rights and talk to your children, and about the gender commit, that’s the #1 reason for the parents rights bill. The schools are teaching g the students they are no to be trusted and they are in control of their lives not the parents. Your statement is an asinine one.

      • Having a little difficulty with reading comprehension? The statement was intended to be interpreted that parents should spend less time protesting the new “Parental Rights in Education” law and more time worrying where their children are.

      • Let’s just do away with public schools altogether and
        The parents can pay for private school or home school their kids. After all, taking care of your kids,
        Feeding them and educating them is the parents responsibility. I am not responsible for your child, you are. Maybe parents should have to get a permit to
        Bring a child into this world like how government
        Mandates face masks, and Covid shots. You
        Shouldn’t be able to bring a child into this world
        If you can’t educate and feed them yourself. It’s
        Best to have both a mother and a father (nuclear family). You liberals are so F’d up that your offspring
        Don’t know if they are a boy or a girl. Whatever
        Happened to “follow the science”? Biology is
        Science. Gender identity is mental disorder that’s
        Covered under psychology. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • 7 kids in a sedan. I imagine most weren’t wearing seatbelts. I know my old sedan didn’t have but 5 seatbelts.

    And yes, where are the parents if these Alachua Kids? I know the neighborhood the car was found speeding at and it is not a good one. There are so many other things that these kids could be doing in Alachua other than getting in trouble. Alachua has a wonderful scout group for boys and girls, a fabulous sports program at the recreation center, many opportunities for volunteering, summer internship programs, church youth groups. It’s just sad that these kids have chosen this. I pray that they recover and shoes better choices.

  • What a bunch of stupid kids. They were spotted on 159th Place.
    Don’t they know that Alachua’s premier Recreational Chemical Sales outfit, the “56” Gang, operates on the street they are named for, 156 Place?
    Disclaimer APD swears there are no gangs in Alachua. Thus the above mentioned “56” Gang does not exist. Neither does “4K.” Nope, does not exist.

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