April 12 evening update


Update: These cases were reported in error, as we suspected. There was actually one new case on April 12.

The April 12 evening report showed a jump of 41 new cases, 37 of which were in the city of Alachua. We are skeptical that this is correct, so we’re going to hold off on our usual full report until we get more information.

No deaths have been reported.

Paul Myers, Administrator of the Alachua County Health Department, said they were still “scrubbing” the data. He also said the county has done a large amount of testing and that new positive results are still a very low percentage of tests. Since 41 new positives out of 54 results today would be 76%, we’re going to assume for now that these cases have been incorrectly placed in zip code 32615 by the Department of Health. We’ll update as we get more information. It is common for the Department of Health to adjust data from one report to the next.

The state has 19,895 cases (an increase of 909 from this time yesterday) and 461 deaths (an increase of 9 from this morning).

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Dade County has 36% of the state’s cases. Broward has 15%; Palm Beach 8%; Orange 5%; and Hillsborough 4%.

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