April 26 update: 2 deaths, 251 cases so far in Alachua County


According to the state dashboard, Alachua County now has 251 COVID-19-positive cases, up from 245 yesterday. One new death has been reported (a 78-year-old woman who first tested positive on April 9), for a total of 2 deaths so far in the county.

32 residents or staff in long-term care facilities have been diagnosed with COVID-19. According to the latest report, there are three long-term care facilities in Alachua County that have reported positive cases in residents or staff: Oak Hammock, Parklands Care Center, and Signature Healthcare Of Gainesville.

Available bed capacity in Alachua County is 36.33%.

The state has 31,528 cases (an increase of 689 from yesterday) and 1,074 deaths (an increase of 19 from yesterday).

The state is also now publishing a chart of the percentage of new tests that are positive by day:

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Dade County has 37% of the state’s cases. Broward has 15%; Palm Beach 9%; and Orange 4%. Alachua County represents about 1.2% of the state’s population and 0.8% of the state’s cases.

6,399 people have been tested so far in Alachua County (up 189 from yesterday), and 6,141 tests have come back negative, so 96% of the tests so far have been negative. Only 3.9% of the local tests have come back positive so far. (The numbers in the various categories don’t add up to the total number of tests listed on the dashboard, but since we don’t know which number is incorrect, we’re reporting them as they’re given on the dashboard.) No COVID-19 tests are pending in Alachua County, and 7 are inconclusive.

According to the daily report (note that the data in that report and the dashboard don’t always match up because they are published at different times), there are 193 cases in Gainesville, 13 in Alachua, 9 in Newberry, 7 in Hawthorne, 5 in High Springs, 4 in Waldo, 3 in Micanopy, 3 in Tioga, 1 in LaCrosse, 1 in Santa Fe, and 1 in Archer. Location data is not available for all cases.

Cases by zip code

32044: 0 cases

32601: 40 cases

32603: <5 cases

32605: 21 cases

32606: 10 cases

32607: 24 cases

32608: 46 cases

32609: 23 cases

32610: <5 cases

32611: 0 cases

32615: 13 cases

32618: <5 cases

32622: 0 cases

32631: 0 cases

32640: 7 cases

32641: 13 cases

32643: 5 cases

32653: 11 cases

32666: 0 cases

32667: <5 cases

32669: 12 cases

32694: <5 cases

  • Will the Alachua County Medical Examiner’s Office provide you with details on whether the patients who died locally had comorbidities?
    Apparently, Cook County IL/Chicago area is providing that info, (and not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of patients who succumb to Covid-19 as cause of death also have significant comorbidities.)
    Alachua County Medical Examiner’s Office serves several surrounding counties as well as Alachua County, and should be able to provide statistics about homicide, accident, and suicide deaths as well.

  • Death attributable to the flu might also be reportable, which would be interesting for comparison sake…

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