April 5 morning update: 122 cases in Alachua County


According to the state dashboard, Alachua County now has 122 COVID-19-positive cases, up from 115 at this time yesterday. No deaths have been reported. 16 people have been hospitalized (it is unclear whether that is the current number or a cumulative number; the Department of Health just said they don’t have information on recoveries because it is self-reported).

The state has 12151 cases (an increase of 1040 from this time yesterday) and 218 deaths (up from 191 at this time yesterday).

Dade County has 34% of the state’s cases. Broward has 16%; Palm Beach 8%; Orange 5%; and Hillsborough 4%. Alachua County represents about 1.2% of the state’s population and 1% of the state’s cases.

12 COVID-19 tests are pending in Alachua County. 2220 people have been tested so far in Alachua County, and 2083 tests have come back negative, so 93.8% of the tests so far have been negative (0.5% are pending). Only 5.5% of the local tests have come back positive so far. Of the 153 tests that came back since this time yesterday, only 4.6% came back positive.

According to the daily report (note that the data in that report and the dashboard don’t always match up because they are published at different times), there are 91 cases in Gainesville, 8 in Alachua, 4 in Hawthorne, 4 in Newberry, 3 in High Springs, , 2 in Tioga, 2 in Micanopy, and 1 in LaCrosse. Location data is not available for all cases.

Zip code data is at the bottom of the article.

Alachua County zip codes

32601: 17 cases

32603: <5 cases

32605: 11 cases

32606: 5 to 9 cases

32607: 10 cases

32608: 25 cases

32609: 5 to 9 cases

32610: <5 cases

32611: 0 cases

32612: 0 cases

32615: 5 to 9 cases

32618: 0 cases

32631: 0 cases

32640: <5 cases

32641: 5 to 9 cases

32643: <5 cases

32653: 5 to 9 cases

32667: <5 cases

32669: 5 to 9 cases

32694: 0 cases

  • It would be nice if there were a reporting metric for recoveries. I know AC is just reporting the data they can get. I would assume that of the positive cases many have recovered since they did not progress to hospitalization.

    • I’ve asked repeatedly for that information, and I’ve been told that they’re looking into providing it. The problem is that they have to follow up with each individual person. I would also like to know the actual number of people who are hospitalized vs. the cumulative number.

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