Archer man arrested for threatening convenience store clerk with knife

Staff report

ARCHER, Fla. – Quindell Devon Thompson, 43, of Archer, was arrested late last night and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and resisting arrest after allegedly cornering a convenience store clerk while holding a knife.

An Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the Circle K at 12711 SW SR 45 in Archer at about 11:40 p.m. last night after a caller said Thompson had pulled a knife on him.

The clerk told the deputy that Thompson came into the store looking for a 4-pack of Natural Ice, and when he learned the store was out of that product, he began yelling at the clerk. The clerk said Thompson got upset when he said he was not allowed to go into the cooler and look for the product he wanted, then Thompson tried to walk into the cooler while the clerk yelled at him.

The clerk said that Thompson came behind the front counter, continuing to argue with him, and then took out a knife and pointed it at him. The victim said he was trapped behind the counter and that Thompson was yelling at him, but he couldn’t understand what Thompson was saying because he was intoxicated. The clerk said Thompson grabbed four individual Natural Ice cans, paid for them, and left the store. The clerk said he thought Thompson was going to stab him and was in fear for his life.

When deputies arrived, they reportedly saw Thompson riding a bicycle south on SR 45. Deputies attempted a traffic stop, but Thompson allegedly refused to stop until his bicycle was blocked in by another patrol vehicle.

Thompson has served two state prison sentences for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, both from Alachua County; his last release was in 2011. Judge Tatum Davis set bail at $105,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Two time felony loser this makes three. Put him in prison for a couple if decades. Sooner later he will meet that person who refuses to be a victim.

  • That’s just one of many knives in the US, was it an assault knife, a single blade or double bladed? Maybe it was a multi-purpose knife? Did it have a spring mechanism? When will they call for banning those?

    • We could ban sticks and bricks, too. But none of those travel 1,500 miles per hours the way a bullet fired from a gun does.

        • Are you confusing my figure with feet per second? The speed of sound is roughly 765 miles per hour, and 1,500 miles per hour is roughly double the speed of sound (depending on atmosphere). Those translate to roughly 1,115 feet per second and 2,200 feet per second respectively. Ballpark figures. A bullet can pierce the skin, and thus cause death by way of bleeding from damaged blood vessels and organs, at as little as a couple hundred miles per hour.

          My point is this: knives and sticks and bricks can kill, but none of them as efficiently as a bullet fired from a gun; and, among the four mentioned, only guns are designed with the sole intention of killing.

          • Not confusing, stating a fact. Most 30 cal weapons will shoot a projectile in excess of 2500 – 2600 fps. Handloads can surpass 3000 fps depending on grain. My 30.06 will push a 165 grain factory load at about 2800 fps.

            Guess that’s why man sits at the top of the food chain, (unless he’s swimming with sharks).

          • I know there are guns that can fire a bullet much faster than 1,500 mph (or 2,200 fps), some over 4,000 fps. But I was ballparking an average weapon likely to be used in a crime by an average criminal. Either way, I wouldn’t consider that speed to be “slow” for a gun (subsonic being relatively slow), and even marginally subsonic is a lot faster than what’s needed to kill quickly and easily compared to other weapons.

      • 99% of gun violence is with STOLEN guns in Dem voting districts. Solve that first.

        • You are not thinking clearly. A figure of 99 percent is hyperbole, an exaggeration not meant to be taken seriously, except you seem to expect to be taken seriously. And if the oft-parroted narrative that Democrats want to ban all guns is true, who do you think the guns are stolen from in “Dem voting districts”? I don’t have a problem to solve. I don’t own an unsecured firearm to be stolen, and I don’t put myself in situations where I become a target.

        • Yes indeed. I would not be opposed to a law that holds the gun owner responsible (liable) should they not have their firearm(s) kept safe and secure. An unlocked car is NOT secure and the miscreants just go on a late night car door pulling spree to get their guns.

        • “Yeah but dead is dead no matter what weapon was used.” —Guest

          There’s a big difference between someone misusing a benign object as a deadly weapon and someone using a gun, which is designed to be an efficiently deadly weapon, as a deadly weapon. That’s why benign objects like bricks aren’t the subject of discrimination, while deadly weapons like guns are the subject of discrimination.

          “Logic like this is the reason with the problems.” —Guest

          Logic hasn’t entered into your thinking, but thinking like yours is in fact the reason there is still a problem with gun violence. Banning all guns or all knives or all cars or all alcohol isn’t the solution to stupid behavior. But keeping guns (the sole purpose of which is killing) out of the hands of stupid people is a good start. The problem is simple-minded people value living freely (as if) over life itself.

  • He needs to stop drinking and smoke weed instead. People make bad choices when drinking.

  • Natty LIght??? What??? What happened to good old higher alcohol content malt liquor? More bang for you buck….err…I mean arrest.

  • Why didn’t clerk give him Bud Light for free instead? It’s his CRT-reparations civil right to have beer on demand, don’t you know that?

  • ‘Knife violence’. Need a schiv buyback program. That will solve our problem….just like the gun buy back program has.

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