Archer residents fight back against proposed solar farm with petition


Some Archer residents have launched a petition as part of their fight against a proposed solar farm in their community, arguing that community members will receive no benefit from the new facility that could “destroy the landscape and property values… for generations to come.” The petition has currently attracted 1,015 signatures.

Several residents spoke out against a special zoning exception for the solar farm at the March 5 Gainesville City Commission meeting. One caller, for example, said that Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) could have put the solar panels on their own land at Deerhaven “but instead elected to stick it way out to adjoin a black community in Archer.” Several callers specifically asked Commissioners Gail Johnson and Gigi Simmons, who are both running for re-election, to state where they stand on the issue. 

GRU has signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Origis to build and operate the solar farm, so GRU and the Gainesville City Commission are currently taking the position that the siting of the project is out of their hands. The decision about the special zoning exception will be made by the Alachua County Commission.

  • King Poe and his jesters have spoken. Their gentrification extends well beyond the boundaries of the city of Gainesville and their hypocrisy leads the way. Where are the “woke” people? Why aren’t they protesting and picketing City Hall?

    I know! I know! The systemic rascism they protest against only exists when it fits their needs. They go out of their way to make others feel bad but are unable to see their own faults as they are. Hypocrites.

    You get what you vote for.

    • The Gainesville CC needs to do the right thing and not let GRU take
      advantage of our black & brown neighbors in Archer.
      Where are our local BLM advocates?…Didn’t the CC say
      Black lives matter? I guess it was all lip service….
      GRU is using the covid pandemic as cover to slide
      this one through…

      • GRU is owned by the city of Gainesville. The city commissioners will never speak out against what is proposed because it hurts their pocket books. If you ever think the city commission is going to do something to help someone you are sadly mistaken. It is quite evident in GRU and the city commission’ history that the two entities are only looking out for themselves and not the people they claim to serve.
        The reality is the community serves the commission and GRU. When this “highly educated” community are truly “woke” and understand how leadership continues to screw them, things may change.

        What a wonderful, wonderful world this could be…

  • Why not demolish the biomass plant and put solar panels there? The 600,000 plus gallons of deep well aquifer water would be saved and releasing the used water into Turkey Creek when the reservoir fills would not take place.

    The 300,000 gallons of reclaimed water from the City of Alachua could also be used in a more environmentally productive manner.

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