“Are we smart, or what?”


  • Sometimes I wonder the bullying his kids have to endure because their father is so stupid.

    Then I say to myself, if I were his child I wouldn’t tell anyone.

  • Poe: why do you want to kill our local economy?
    You are driving consumer prices up. we’re having a problem with a bunch of drunk violent people walking around late night with open
    Containers acting like they’re on the Jerry Springer show. You have a city to run and what is the benefit
    Of having people walk around the street with open
    Container? Small biz will have to raise prices to comply
    With your zero waste regulations. People don’t want
    To work. If the Covid quarantines didn’t kill small biz,
    Then you and the city commission will. Everything you’ve done is backfiring. Your landlord ordinance raised rents. Now you want to ruin single family neighborhoods.
    Can you do something about the vagrants and panhandlers? Why are you catering to them? Why
    Do you promote alcohol abuse? Gas prices are up.
    The dollar is worth Shiz. Do you really think the
    Great reset will make the world a better place?
    You and your commie friends ruined GNV and the
    Planet. Some utopia…stay at home and be a superhero.

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