Arrests made in December 9 armed robbery that led to fatal shooting at Crossings at Santa Fe

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Sheriff Clovis Watson, Jr., and his team would like to announce the arrest of all individuals responsible for the fatal shooting that occurred at the Crossings at Santa Fe on December 9, 2022.

The details of the case are as follows:

On the night of December 9, 2022, Cameron Gibbs (18), Jacoby Edwards (18), and Andre Bleau (18) went to the Crossings at Santa Fe Apartments with the intent of committing an armed home invasion at an apartment leased by the robbery victim. Edwards knew the robbery victim and was initially allowed in the apartment. Gibbs and Bleau, armed with a handgun, rushed in to the apartment shortly thereafter, accosting and ordering the occupants to get on the ground. During the robbery, the resident retrieved a handgun and shot Cameron Gibbs in self-defense. The resident also shot at Andre Bleau, grazing him with a bullet. Edwards and Bleau fled the scene, leaving a fallen Gibbs in the doorway to the apartment. When law enforcement arrived, they immediately treated Gibbs for his gunshot wound; he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

The entire Criminal Investigations Division worked extremely hard to identify the individuals involved and collect vital evidence related to this incident. As the case developed, arrest warrants were sought for Edwards and Bleau for armed home invasion robbery, homicide, and criminal conspiracy, as their felonious acts led to the death of Gibbs. Edwards turned himself in to the jail on December 11, 2022. Bleau was arrested on December 19 in Harbor Cove Apartments.

    • Is this all you do? Make smart-ass comments on every crime-related article?

      You must be miserable.

  • One less problem in the world.
    Got what he deserved, hopefully the others will as well.

    • No need to speak on someone passing all life is precious..not saying it was wrong but speaking on someone death isn’t what we are going to do..let go handle that …LLC

      • It’s not a mystery. You’re right, all lives matter. Black, white, yellow; they all matter. Blue too! Let’s not forget about them. They’re the ones who are there – for everyone. They’re not all bad but obviously the stereotypes exist don’t they?
        The color of someone’s life shouldn’t matter only to further a certain political narrative.

    • Yea you should be that “one less person” in the world that’s get what he deserved

    • I hope you get a yeast infection, “here’s justice”.. how can you be so miserable?!

      • People like you are so funny. Always looking to make an excuse. The deceased broke into someone else’s home, accosted the resident & whomever was at their home and you want to fault him for protecting himself? Get real and stop looking for some way to ignore the real initial crime.
        I’m sure you would have just cowered in the corner and accepted whatever fate the deceased may have had for you and your family.

  • Such a horrible thing to happen to kids dieing so young with guns over things that sure aren’t worth dying for. Praying for the parents of the kids that didn’t make it out 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • More excellent detective work! Let’s see if their hard work will be punished by law skool indebted DA and defense team, and the judge needs a new drug dealer connection, now. No wonder LEGAL gun purchases are climbing.

  • Shouldn’t of tried to rob the plug ….go work or hustle for your own lame ass dudes ain’t got no motion u get what u get

  • This is not correct at all I guess the keys to his car, his car, and cell phone walked to the girl friend house. N a ghost text delete all your messages they got him💔. Yeah I guess a ghost texted that n deactivated his instagram account a ghost did that too. Y’all be so quick to bash the next person not knowing all the details. He didn’t have a weapon and didn’t die in the doorway. That text alone n actions speaks a set up. If she wasn’t in it y u don’t come to his funeral instead you hide the car n ur face. He wasn’t broke had a job and wasn’t raised in poverty. So stop pointing fingers unless you really knew him or his mom. He was not a monster

    • he did die in the doorway ma’am they charged in and attempted to take whatever was in the victims apartment and was pushed by said “deceased” and demanded to get on the floor and managed to reach for his fire arm and shot twice how would it be a set up if they barged in his apartment i think someone else had his phone and texted that but the truth will show

  • I read this guy’s obituary, and you would have thought he was a saint. No mention of him being shot in the course of committing armed robbery. He was a faithful employee of his parent’s funeral home, yet he was raised by Reichert house…something isn’t adding up with the facts….

  • Well gee whiz- he went to the Reichert House. Another Reichert House Un-Success story…Bigggg shocker

    • And the parents are reverends or elders at their church, supposed business owners, community leaders, etc…So, why was he being raised by Reichert House? That is why I am saying the facts don’t add up.

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