Arrests made in Thanksgiving Day shooting


Michael Anthony Asbell, Jr., 22, and and Joseph Garner Miles, 23, were arrested this morning on charges of attempted homicide without premeditation related to a Thanksgiving Day shooting. Asbell is believed to have shot the victim, while Miles allegedly drove Asbell from the scene, which would make him an accessory after the fact to the attempted murder.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call of a person shot at 10:21 p.m. on Thanksgiving and found a 24-year-old male victim who had been shot in the abdomen. At the time of the arrest, the victim was in surgery for his injuries.

According to the arrest report’s account of the various stories told by witnesses, Miles had gone to get a plate of food from someone (the witness) in the 900 block of SW 62nd Terrace and was standing outside talking to her while Asbell was in the passenger seat of Miles’ car, a silver Camry. While they were talking, an SUV pulled alongside Miles’ car, and the victim got out and asked the witness who she was talking to. Miles said that he received a text message at that time, so he leaned into the car to check his phone and saw someone walking around the hood of his car. Miles said that when he stood back up, that person hit him, and they ended up fighting. Miles also said that Asbell had gotten out of the car to try to break up the fight, but before Asbell could get around the car, he heard a gunshot. Miles’ injuries were consistent with his account that he had been fighting.

Miles and Asbell then jumped into the car and drove away. The witness told deputies that the man who had gotten out of the SUV and allegedly hit Miles had been shot in the abdomen, but she couldn’t describe the shooter. Post Miranda, Miles told deputies that he wasn’t sure where the gunshot came from, so he ducked, pushed off the victim, got in his car, and left. Miles said he was with his godbrother, Asbell, throughout the incident.

Witnesses told deputies that Miles was the driver of the vehicle, and deputies found that Miles had a vehicle matching the description of the Camry, registered to him at an address in Village Green Apartments. Deputies intercepted the Camry as it arrived at the apartment complex. When he saw the deputy, Asbell ran into an apartment, and Miles was detained. Asbell later came out of the apartment and was detained.

When Asbell was interviewed, he reportedly denied knowing anything about the incident, claiming that he was at Miles’ sister’s residence in Majestic Oaks at the time. He reportedly said he didn’t know the witness or the victim and that Miles had come back to Majestic Oaks after the incident and picked him up. He said that when he saw the deputy as they arrived at Village Green, he asked Miles what he should do because he has an outstanding warrant for failing to appear at a court date for a traffic case that is scheduled for a jury trial. Asbell said Miles agreed that he should run, so he ran into Miles’ mother’s apartment. He later decided not to run and came out of the apartment without incident.

Asbell reportedly did not agree to a gun shot residue test and reportedly told deputies that he shouldn’t go to jail because the victim was trying to kill his “brother” and that he didn’t have anyone else since he lost both his parents earlier this year. Asbell was also reportedly concerned about Miles, asking if Miles would get to go home if he took the charges for what happened. Asbell later allegedly said he had shot the victim in the abdomen because he had a feeling something was about to “go wrong.” When asked whose gun it was, Asbell reportedly sighed and said he didn’t want to talk any more.

A search warrant was executed at the apartment Asbell fled into, and a firearm was recovered.

  • While most of us were giving thanks to God, enjoying being with friends and family, and eating way too much good food, these sad young men from their dysfunctional culture came very close to killing each other. (#1 cause of death for their demographic group is homicide…) They are throwing away their lives, and they don’t seem to think much about ending other people’s lives. I can’t begin to imagine what being a law enforcement officer is like-having to deal with this stuff all the time…even on Thanksgiving. They have an impossible job. This is insane. ALL lives matter. When are we going to figure out what to do about the root causes of this insanity, and really change this??

    • Hey Karen I mean Kathy Benton If somebody was beating your son and you couldn’t stop them what would you do if you had a gun. It’s called self-defense

      • You can’t shoot someone because a person you love is loosing a fist fight there is no proof that he was trying to beat him to death if we shoot and kill someone everytime there is a physical fight we will turn into wild wild west

      • Hey Jamal…Where in “self-defense” can you actually justify and defend shooting someone just because they opened a can of whoop-arse on a friend? Sounds like typical gang violence to me.

        Happens more often than it should and does seem to have a common component. Most of the violaters are minority races. This is as it was…just another day in the hood. BoB crime.

        Nice that you did make an attempt at defending the crime though – no matter how feeble or harebrained the attempt was.

    • Dysfunctional Culture really???? How would you know? See people like you are the problem.

  • It seems to be a testament to the fact that life under the current “leadership” in Gainesville sort of sucks if people would just as soon be locked up in jail. Focus on bringing real jobs to East Gainesville instead of continuing to babble about equity and virtue signaling like children. Ocala has a lot of black people, too, and I don’t see anywhere near the number of crimes we have here. What’s the difference? They have a thriving local economy instead of a backwards leftist gulag that caters to the homeless and criminals.

    • How about encouraging a nuclear family & personal responsibility….oh!, that’s right, the Marxist’s call that racist…guess we’re going to have to live with the
      Black on black crime forever.—stiffer jail sentences might
      Work…we don’t need to be expunging juvenile crime
      Records either…the public needs to be protected from
      Dangerous career criminals.

    • Yeah, “I was standing outside getting a plate of
      Food and got shot in the ass”… It’s an equity thing,
      Let em go Poe & co so they can go out and do it again…
      This won’t happen in springs county.

      • See that want help if I don’t want to be in spring county and thousands of people either ,so you must be speaking of an isolated piece of land,you can call springs county,and pray everybody is living holy.because the devil is in a lot of people.

          • Jackie can only read as good as she writes…
            Probably can’t do math either because you know why…it’s ———. I bet she wears a mask
            As a fashion or political statement too…

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