ASO seeks help identifying individual caught on video in trespassing incident

Staff report

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is seeking assistance with identifying the person shown in the images above. Anyone who recognizes this person can call D/S M. Moore at 352-316-1588 or mmoore@alachuasheriff.org.

  • Trespassing! Oh no! Now the DOJ will put him in solitary and sentence him to years in jail. You know….you see how he threatened democracy don’t you?

  • Maybe he was looking for one of his old teachers without realizing it would cause a DEFCON One alert in these crazy times.

    • Oh come on. There must be more to this case than him just walking around a school, or wherever it was.

      • Possibly, but the cops should provide the public with some details if they want someone to snitch him out. When they keep their mouth shut so does the public. If there was a major incident I’m sure they would have said so. Mr Peabody is probably right.

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