August 15 Alachua County School Board meeting to include LGBTQ+ Guide

Public notice


The School Board of Alachua County, Florida, shall hold public meetings to which all persons are invited.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, August 15, 2023, at 6 p.m.

LOCATION: District Office Boardroom, 620 East University Ave, Gainesville, FL

PURPOSE: General Business Meeting


  • A. Meeting Opening
    • 1. Call to Order-Pledge of Allegiance
    • 2. Adoption of Agenda
    • 3. Approval of Special School Board Meeting Minutes for July 24, 2023
    • 4. Approval of Special School Board Meeting and Public Hearing Minutes for August 1, 2023
    • 5. Approval of Regular School Board Meeting Minutes for August 1, 2023
    • 6. Board Member/Superintendent Announcements
    • 7. Citizen Input
  • B. Consent Agenda
    • 1. Approval of the Consent Agenda
    • 2. Employment of Personnel (Shelnutt)
    • 3. Donations (Birkett)
    • 4. Purchased Products/Services ($12,500 to $49,999)(Birkett)
    • 5. Bid(s) and Requisition(s)(Birkett)
    • 6. 2023-2024 PACE Contract (Berry)
    • 7. 2023-2024 AMI Contract (Berry)
    • 8. 2023-2024 PACE Calendar (Berry)
    • 9. 2023-2024 AMI Calendar (Berry)
    • 10. UF Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement (Wakeley)
    • 11. 2023-2024 Unified School Improvement Grant (UniSIG)(Steptoe)
    • 12. Design Development/Construction Documents for Project SBAC S2203  Buchholz High School Sallie Port Remodel for Safety and Security (Eunice)
  • C. Action Items
    • 1. Employee Case 202223-9015-51 (Shelnutt)
    • 2. Santa Fe College Articulation Agreement (Rolle)
    • 3. Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER II) Grant Amendments (Rolle)
  • D. Discussion
    • 1. LGBTQ+ Guide (Edwards)
  • E. Citizen Input
  • F. Board Member / Superintendent Requests
  • G. Adjournment

This meeting is being called pursuant to and in accordance with Section 1001.372(1) and 120.525, F.S. The agenda is available in the Superintendent’s Office, District Administration Building. There are three ways citizens may offer their input for this meeting: 1) submit input through email at issues@gm.sbac.edu by noon the day of the board meeting; 2) go to the Boardroom to offer their input in person during the meeting or 3) Check the August 1 and 15, 2023 Agendas on the District’s website, www.sbac.edu, prior to the meeting for additional options to participate remotely. Any person who decides to appeal a decision of the School Board with respect to any matter considered at such meeting is hereby advised that, for such purpose, he or she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the meeting is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. Anyone with a disability or physical impairment who wishes to attend this meeting and requires special accommodations should contact the Superintendent’s Office, 620 East University Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601, (352) 955-7880, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711.

  • Awesome. This will be can’t miss TV. Watching those bozos outdo each other pretending moral indignation over the gov while they decide to follow state law or not.

    Florida is handling it right and it’s giving all the usual suspects the vapors.

    • One word: Indoctrination .

      They are trying to normalize deviant behavior and taboo.

      • If teachers were indoctrinating students, then they’d actually be doing their homework. Maybe follow the simple directions like “sit down” and “stop talking.”

  • Why are adults in a child-centric, captive audience, compulsory industry so obsessed with children’s sexual feelings, in school? That’s very suspicious.

    • Teachers didn’t make it sexualized. Law makers did.

      Teachers simply wanted to read a book to kids that had a story where a child had two moms or two dads so those kids felt included in things, and not made to feel weird or be bullied because their family doesn’t look like the “normal” family.

      • In effect, the governor and the legislature has acted as though transgender people don’t exist – it is a fact that they do, including those with chromosomal anomalies – but by golly if they do, no one can acknowledge or talk about it. This is governing and educating by the ostrich method.

  • An alphabet guide. Hint; just follow state law, like you swore to do.

    • Virtually every controversial act by the state government – i.e., what DeSantis touts as his qualifications to be Prez – is under challenge in the courts, so the “state law” is not settled.

      • And even if those laws survive those challenges, you’ll do just as Ward, his cronies and the County Commission is doing…whining.

  • Will the State Attorney follow through if these idiots violate the law? Will the Governor need to remove him too? I will never understand the concept that you are elected and sworn to follow the law but then turn around and say I will violate it. Florida and the true citizens of Alachua County need to take the stand against the infiltration of D.C.

  • Can’t wait to get my copy of the new LBGTQ2 guide. I’ll use it to light my BBQ grill.

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