BallotTrax Vote-By-Mail Service Will Be Available for 2022 Primary Election

Press release from the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

Beginning with the 2022 Primary Election, the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections office will use BallotTrax, a secure communication system, to help voters stay up-to-date about elections and track their vote-by-mail ballots.

More than 500 counties across the country have used BallotTrax to provide critical information such as election dates and deadlines to registered voters and to allow voters to track the status of their vote-by-mail ballots. Alachua County voters can sign up by visiting AlachuaTrax.com and entering in their contact information and their preferred notification methods. You can learn more about BallotTrax by visiting https://votealachua.ballottrax.net/voter/faq and by viewing this video.

Voters can still track the status of their vote-by-mail ballots on VoteAlachua.gov by clicking on “My Registration Status” and entering in their first name, last name, and date of birth.

  • Now Alachua County’s “2000 Mules” won’t have to take mailbox selfies to confirm the harvested ballots have been mailed?

  • CTCL 2020 Grant Spending Per Capita:

    City Of Racine, Wisconsin $21.83 (1st out of 19,502 cities and 3,143 counties in the USA)
    Leon County, FL $4.92 (22nd)
    Palm Beach County, FL $4.15 (29th)
    Alachua County, FL $2.41 (47th out of 19,502 cities and 3,143 counties in the USA)
    Hillsborough County $2.01
    Brevard County $1.38
    Miami Dade County $0.76
    Broward County $0.73

    https://es-data.shinyapps.io/ctcl/ : in 2020, Alachua County, FL Elections Office received Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) grant funding of $671,280 total. $2.41 per capita (47th highest out of 19,502 cities and 3,143 counties in the USA)

  • ballotpedia.org: On April 11, 2022, CTCL announced the launch of the U.S. Alliance for Election
    Excellence, describing it as a “five-year, $80 million nonpartisan program to bring together election officials, designers, technologists, 
    and other experts to envision, support, and celebrate excellence in U.S. election administration.”

  • Center for Tech and Civic Life @HelloCTCL (4/11/22): Today we’re launching the
     U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence, a five-year $80m nonpartisan program that’s open to every election department in the nation.

  • In 2020, Alachua County Supervisor of Elections office reportedly spent $405,945.25 of the $671,962.46 grant money received from CTCL on “Vote-by-mail/Absentee voting equipment or supplies.” What type of influence did CTCL have in Alachua County during the 2020 elections?

    Is the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections office being influenced by groups such as The Center for Tech and Civic Life during the 2022 elections?

  • did 2020 Gainesville have Ballot Stash-Houses? does 2022 Gainesville have Ballot Stash-Houses where the Mules pick-up ballots and get paid $10 per ballot to deposit them in the proper box?

  • Local Squad Applauding Vote Fraud: Soros Crime Gang, Rockefeller MeanMedicalCrew,
    Susan Botcher BidenBozos, Robert Hutchinson Satanists, LEO Lambs Trusting The Tyranny Plan,
    Kim “Elections is hard” Barton Brigade

    Don’t be surprised if EVERY Alachua County Candidate that Alachua County Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr.
    endorses wins their 2022 Election (one way or another) and Supervisor of Elections Kim Barton is there to
    assure victory…Happy Ballot Trafficking!

  • is it easier to do Ballot Trafficking near UF Campus or near East Gainesville? which Gainesville church is the best at Ballot Trafficking?

  • Dinesh D’Souza (5/17/22): we’re dealing with a gangster operation on The Left

  • The Voter Registration Project, also knowns as Everybody Votes, is a voter mobilization group which targets African-American, Latino, Native American, low-income, and other voter groups likely to lean left-of-center. The organization claims to be non-partisan, but is run by individuals with long-standing connections to left-of-center non-profits, including the AFL-CIO labor union federation, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and the State Voices network of liberal state-level advocacy groups

  • influencewatch.org: Between 2016 and 2020, the Voter Registration Project and its sister organizations, the Voter Registration Project Education Fund and Register America, distributed over $116 million in grants to state level left-leaning activism organizations, mostly in poltical battleground states, to fund nominally “nonpartisan” voter registration activities

  • Kim Barton’s Supervisor of Elections office spent $671,962.46 of CTCL grant money in 6 weeks in 2020. Whose money will fill that void in 2022?

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