“Been there, done that!”


  • Nice one!

    I wonder if the next caricature of lard-arsed Harvey will show a thinner waistline?

    • Our problem is the majority of Gainesville voters who also believe him.

  • Whimpy looks like he could easily be bought. Perhaps a hamburger on Tuesday and he’ll gladly pay us back when we get our GRU bill?

  • You did as much work recycling the same character drawing as Clemons did on his bill giving him and FPL lapdog Perry the control over Gainesville they’ll never win at the polls.

  • I think GRU’s Bond Rating will go up because the City Kickback is going to be greatly reduced and possibly be eliminated to pay back what the stole. It’s the City that is going to “Suck it up Buttercup”. Pigs at the trough are going on a money diet. They may have to fire a bunch and the hire one person that is good at math.

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