Bielarski attempts to calm GRU employees who are angry about vaccine mandate


GRU General Manager Ed Bielarski sent an email to all GRU employees on Friday, trying to calm their fear and anger after a vaccine mandate for City employees was passed by the Gainesville City Commission Thursday night.

The email says Bielarski has heard “that there are employees who are fearful about losing their jobs as the result of the commission vote last night.” He goes on to explain that the City’s charter officers still have work to do before the mandate is implemented; the vote directed them to “create and implement a plan to require all city employees receive the COVID vaccinations.” Bielarski says that the timeline has yet to be determined.

He said he will “fight to make sure that employees are given adequate time to receive these vaccinations and also be considered for appropriate exemptions, including evidence of positive COVID antibody tests.” This is noteworthy because it was clear at the meeting that the city commissioners do not trust natural immunity and are absolutely insistent that everyone must get the vaccine. Antibodies and previous immunity were never mentioned by commissioners, and they were dismissive of the callers who objected to universal vaccination policies.

Bielarski’s email continues: “Rather than make a hasty decision to leave GRU employment, I’d ask you to let the process play out. I think you’d all be better served to make your voice heard about your concerns to GRU’s leadership team and/or your union representatives.”

He also acknowledged the anger among employees who worked through the pandemic “while being considered selfish and irresponsible for not receiving the vaccines now.”

Bielarski sent a 2-page letter to the mayor and commissioners before the vote, laying out his concerns with the proposed mandate. In it, he said he estimates that many areas within GRU have vaccination rates of less than 50%. He pointed out that many of GRU’s employees did not have the opportunity to work remotely when there was no vaccine but came to work every day, both in the field and in GRU’s plants. “In many way, these employees placed their lives at risk for the service of GRU and its customers.”

In the letter, he said he was uncomfortable with the prospect of terminating workers who do not wish to be vaccinated, asking, “Is it appropriate and fair to terminate employees, who have admirably served the utility under the worst of safety conditions, when they decide to forego a vaccine that they deem unnecessary?”

Bielarski also pointed out that GRU’s employees are “valuable commodities, whether vaccinated or not”: “Is the city ready to replace hundreds of skilled workers, and if so, will that safety risk be greater or less than simply requiring masking and social distancing?”

Bielarski discussed the fact that mRNA vaccine are “the first RNA vaccines ever to be produced for use against any disease”: “Should the City of Gainesville require an employee to receive a not-fully approved FDA vaccine, in spite of their belief of their long-term health implications? If so, is the city ready to indemnify the employee against future health consequences?”

He then discussed “a darker side to this country’s history. It was not too long ago that Blacks in this country were used in ghastly medical experiments.” He asked, “How do you bridge the credibility gap within the Black community and others that this government mandate isn’t another connection to a more disturbing past?”

Other than a brief mention of impacts on operations if enough employees leave, the city commissioners did not discuss any of these issues before voting to mandate vaccinations.

  • Good for you Bielarski for standing up for the unvaccinated who worked thru the first episode of the pandemic. It should be left up to the individual person since the vaccine is still not 100%! Why mandate something when even after getting it, it only lessons the severity for that person. The vaccine does NOT stop you from getting Covid nor does it stop you from spreading it! The choice should be your own personal choice! This is the US of A !!!!!

  • It seems that some have forgotten the Constitution and the Nurrenberg Code. Many lawyers are addressing this. Renz-law.com and Reiner Fullmich (https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/nuremberg-2-0/) are just two. It may be a good idea to research the reality of what’s happening. Selfishly, I don’t want my rates to increase because of lack of knowledge. Peace.

  • Wow. He really stepped up for the GRU workers! With very well articulated points and you get the feeling that he will go to bat for them. I sure hope so. This could be the voice of reason that can’t be ignored by the ludicrous city commission that we must endure these days. Maybe this could be the beginning of a movement of reason and common sense, and change in the way this city government is headed… 🤞

  • Hell yeah, that’s more like it! Go ahead Gainesville liberals, keep taunting the good country folk that have the advanced skills and ability to keep your lights on at GRU. They’re not very easily replaced!!! I worked at Deerhaven years ago, they don’t give a blip about the “idiot liberals running the city”!! Stupid commies! Stand strong Bielarski!!!

  • No shoes no shirt no Service
    No Smoking
    Click it or ticket
    Vaccine or Embalming fluids your choice
    Mask it or casket
    No sympathy no tears no hospita.
    No Vaccination is like running with the bulls in Spain.
    If you get a horn up your ass . That is on you.

    • (thecovidblog) Jason Maurer: 45-year-old Ohio bartender tells world “shut up and get your vaccine,” dead five weeks after second Moderna mRNA shot

      Jordan Hayes: 33-year-old New York man calls the non-vaccinated “idiots” and “morons,” dead 14 weeks after COVID-19 “vaccine”

      Robin Spring Saunders: 45-year-old Baltimore woman gets mandatory mRNA injection for employment at
      Johns Hopkins, dead six days later

        • Can you extol the benefits of the CCP lockdowns,
          Masks, and vaccine on us? You are a communist, right? Why do you hate freedom & liberty so much? Don’t you think women should be in charge of their own bodies?

        • Great, another one… You must not read too much…so today’s research top is the PCR test and how it’s absolutely B#$&*#*T!! Just like the millions of mystery ballots that appeared and installed your commie buddies in the White House, the PCR test can return a positive China virus result from a papaya and magically and conveniently make it appear as if someone who fell in a wood chipper died of Covid! Turn off CNN and go read the CDC and FDA websites at the very least!

        • Jeremiah Tattersall, are you a famous local commie who supports the Death Cult Agenda? Do you want your political enemies to be injected to death? What is your preferred number for the total human population of Gainesville and Alachua County? Which Experimental Injection did you get? Have you had any reactions to your injections? Do you think Big Pharma has ever done anything wrong? Is the Rockefeller Foundation a positive influence in your life? Should local medical authorities cover-up deaths and injuries from the Experimental Injections so that your team can achieve a Global Economic Reset? Do you enjoy lying to people for pay? Do you think the flu disappeared last year? Are you doomed to lie for the rest of your life?

          • Swamps, You’re on to something here…good work! That snowflake ran back to his commie safe place…he’s one of them red doper diaper babies…

        • Look at the stats for the standard flu for one season. You are being gaslighted my friend.

  • Many of you are misguided. He didn’t do it for the employees…he did it for self-preservation.

    Don’t be fooled by the overpaid Poe-sucking crony.

  • The message was correct irregardless of who said it and why. When reviewing the new county updates on Covid and data, here’s a few items that are missing;

    Of those testing positive that have been vaccinated, which vaccines did they take?

    Where those that were vaccinated fully or partially?

    Of those that have become deceased, what were their vaccination status, vaccines, pre-existing conditions and even blood type?

    Maybe I missed some of this on the website. And how about having tested positive or negative in the past by an antibodies test?

    By now we should be better defining high risk groups with so much data available. We have seen low risk.

  • The vaccines have nothing to do with immunity. Fauci made it clear that mRNA injections are intended to reduce symptoms – that’s all. The incorrectly labeled “vaccines” were never intended to cure an infection or provide immunity. Here is what Fauci said – https://tinyurl.com/pyy64vhk

  • I’ve trusted my natural immunity all my life. “In god we trust”! We have inalienable rights to choose for ourselves what medical treatments we want to receive.
    I am healthy and never get sick. —Hey, GRU workers, organize a peaceful protest about this in front of city hall
    And give it plenty of advance advertising…I want to be there for this historic event! —Shut down GRU for an hour in protest & Get Bielarski to wear a big pair of horns and paint
    him orange & blue so you get plenty of National attention. Keep it peaceful and under control so they don’t call it
    An insurrection like what happened at the capital. Enough is enough of this medical tyranny. Don’t worry about law enforcement .. they don’t want to
    Take the “clot shot” either!

    • I contend that, while the Christian Scientists are focused on a being they seem to know exists, I agree with the concept that we have been given the ability to ward off such attacks and I want my body to do it naturally if it can. I am old enough to have a pock mark from the polio vaccine (or was it smallpox?) and have two of them. One on my shoulder where it was supposed to be and one on my leg where I scratched and gave it to me again. Back then, vaccines had live virus in them. But understand. Polio and smallpox were absolutely devastating diseases. Not at all like COVID, so when these people start quoting precedence with polio and smallpox, they are far from reality. It is about fear and control. If I lose my job, so be it. However, I have to give it to Ed for standing strong against these Libturds. They are just fearful children with power.

    • They want to make it so you can’t work or go to school
      If you don’t have the shot. You can’t go to an indoor
      Event if you don’t take the shot, you can’t go to a bar or restaurant if you don’t have the shot, you can’t travel without the shot…..they will know everywhere you go and everyone you come into contact with through contact tracing.
      What are you going to do when the mob grabs you at
      Gunpoint and gives you a shot? What’s next? They want to Take your
      Ability to defend yourself away.

    • Quit the lies. Those are not CDC numbers. The web site you list is run by anti vaxxer nut jobbers with a bent chip on their shoulder. Not a factual scientific site. Do better than that junk science.

  • Can you ever remember a time when a respiratory virus went on a rampage during the summer? Mass “vaccination” followed by escalation of infection during the summer when it should not happen. Hmmmm. What a coincidence! Perhaps a couple of dozen booster shots will do the trick.

    • It will booster shots ad Infinitim…they will use this
      Medical tyranny to take control of the planet. You
      Will not be able to engage in commerce or travel
      Without this mark of the beast. There will be no need
      For cash because everything will be digital with your
      Implant. Government wants to be god if it can. Freedom
      & Liberty? Say Good bye…say hello to the prison planet.
      Freedom & liberty are one generation from being lost forever…now is the time for all good people to come
      To the aid of the planet! Resist the control…

  • Read about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Kids all over America are coming down with it. Normally they do not contract this illness until early winter. It vaguely resembles COVID. Keep destroying the kids’ immune systems with forced mask wearing and see what comes next.

  • If you accept that the authority you delegated to bureaucrats extends to inside of your skin, you deserve what you get. Rescind their authority.

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