Bleeding hearts


  • Who is the wide receiver and who is the tight end on this Poe / Ward bathroom tampon adventure? Maybe their personal pronouns will shed some light on this?

  • Nice one Jake!

    It does appear as if Ward is leading Poe to the girl’s restroom though.
    They look so comfortable holding hands…makes you wonder if that’s all they’re comfortable holding of each other.

  • Just more taxpayer money going down the toilet, or home with a petty thief! Sacco comes up with such idiotic wastes of funding, but she is so thankful it is not coming from her pocket!

    • Saco should have been terminated for giving the finger to the GRU employees.
      She’s an angry idiot who has NO IDEA what she is doing.
      Hate has no place in public office. She needs to be removed from office. NOW

  • Once again Fuller hits it out of the park. Gainesville is quickly becoming a cesspool of government waste.
    Voters continue to elect recycled politicians who love to waste taxpayers money.
    They got what they voted for.

  • Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Those products are a personal responsibility.

  • I guess Harvey is taking Poe to show him how to use those products and their proper placement.

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