BLM, Socialists, & Antifa: The same DNA



Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc (BLM) founder Patrisse Cullors admitted that she and co-founder Alicia Garza are Marxist-trained in an interview conducted by The Real News Network at the end of June. A third co-founder, according to the BLM website, is Opal Tometi. Cullors has also been photographed hugging Venezuelan Communist dictator Nicolas Maduro. While the street-level participants of this global foundation may think they are doing one thing, the leadership has other plans.  

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A recent investigation by the Washington Times revealed that BLM funnels donations through Thousand Currents, a charity based in Oakland, CA, run by former Ford Foundation Program Officer Paul Strasburg. Direct donations to BLM are not tax deductible. The same investigation noted that nearly 71% of all funds going to BLM are spent on salary and consulting fees. The Thousand Currents website mirrors information in the Times article. Coincidentally or not, Alicia Garza lives in Oakland.  

Recently Eli Barrett and Pete Taylor organized a “Socialist Alternative” protest on the City Hall front steps in Gainesville, FL. The headline of the group’s press release distracted passing readers into believing their protest was about “Defunding the Police.” A more in-depth reading of the press release revealed the true expanded agenda: In a post after the protest, the Gainesville Socialist Alternative Facebook Page, with 1076 followers, boasted, “The fight to defund police won’t stop there however and to win this and other demands, we will have to organize and build mass movements.” The literature table at the protest, which was attended by 15 people, curiously featured a traditional-looking newspaper, marked “Issue #65.” A group this small doesn’t, on its own, produce a newspaper, much less one on its 65th issue. The group also displayed a book on Marxism.  (See photos below). A quick search indicates there are Socialist Alternative franchises across America. There is clearly leadership behind this effort, with bigger ideas, too.

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe has tweeted support of Antifa, a socialist/communist construct masquerading as a freedom movement. Antifa is not about freedom; it is the exact opposite. The Antifa Flag itself is the modern flag of the Antifaschistische Aktion, a Communist opposition movementagainst the rising German National Socialists, also known as the Nazis, during World War II. Or at least that is what you were taught.

These two groups were not enemies; they just appeared to be. Socialism is a pre-cursor to Communism. Socialism is a transition point from capitalism to communism. This progression has happened in Algeria, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and China. The propagandists want the appearance of one thing in order to hide their true objectives and goals. Subversion and falsehood is in their DNA. 

This week the City of Gainesville, under Poe’s mayorship, promoted the false narrative that BLM is about freedom. A post on the City’s Official Facebook Page proclaimed, “Thanks to our friends at ‘March for our Freedom’ for this powerful display! #BLMGNV.” The post showed three BLM flags hanging on the 13th Street DNA bridge.  

This is symbolism. BLM and its admitted Marxist underpinnings are in Gainesville’s DNA, from inside City Hall at the Mayor’s desk, to the front steps via the Socialist Alternative, all the way out to 13th Street DNA bridge. It is who they are and what they are made of. See it for what it is.