BLM, Socialists, & Antifa: The same DNA



Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc (BLM) founder Patrisse Cullors admitted that she and co-founder Alicia Garza are Marxist-trained in an interview conducted by The Real News Network at the end of June. A third co-founder, according to the BLM website, is Opal Tometi. Cullors has also been photographed hugging Venezuelan Communist dictator Nicolas Maduro. While the street-level participants of this global foundation may think they are doing one thing, the leadership has other plans.  

A recent investigation by the Washington Times revealed that BLM funnels donations through Thousand Currents, a charity based in Oakland, CA, run by former Ford Foundation Program Officer Paul Strasburg. Direct donations to BLM are not tax deductible. The same investigation noted that nearly 71% of all funds going to BLM are spent on salary and consulting fees. The Thousand Currents website mirrors information in the Times article. Coincidentally or not, Alicia Garza lives in Oakland.  

Recently Eli Barrett and Pete Taylor organized a “Socialist Alternative” protest on the City Hall front steps in Gainesville, FL. The headline of the group’s press release distracted passing readers into believing their protest was about “Defunding the Police.” A more in-depth reading of the press release revealed the true expanded agenda: In a post after the protest, the Gainesville Socialist Alternative Facebook Page, with 1076 followers, boasted, “The fight to defund police won’t stop there however and to win this and other demands, we will have to organize and build mass movements.” The literature table at the protest, which was attended by 15 people, curiously featured a traditional-looking newspaper, marked “Issue #65.” A group this small doesn’t, on its own, produce a newspaper, much less one on its 65th issue. The group also displayed a book on Marxism.  (See photos below). A quick search indicates there are Socialist Alternative franchises across America. There is clearly leadership behind this effort, with bigger ideas, too.

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe has tweeted support of Antifa, a socialist/communist construct masquerading as a freedom movement. Antifa is not about freedom; it is the exact opposite. The Antifa Flag itself is the modern flag of the Antifaschistische Aktion, a Communist opposition movementagainst the rising German National Socialists, also known as the Nazis, during World War II. Or at least that is what you were taught.

These two groups were not enemies; they just appeared to be. Socialism is a pre-cursor to Communism. Socialism is a transition point from capitalism to communism. This progression has happened in Algeria, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and China. The propagandists want the appearance of one thing in order to hide their true objectives and goals. Subversion and falsehood is in their DNA. 

This week the City of Gainesville, under Poe’s mayorship, promoted the false narrative that BLM is about freedom. A post on the City’s Official Facebook Page proclaimed, “Thanks to our friends at ‘March for our Freedom’ for this powerful display! #BLMGNV.” The post showed three BLM flags hanging on the 13th Street DNA bridge.  

This is symbolism. BLM and its admitted Marxist underpinnings are in Gainesville’s DNA, from inside City Hall at the Mayor’s desk, to the front steps via the Socialist Alternative, all the way out to 13th Street DNA bridge. It is who they are and what they are made of. See it for what it is. 

  • “Marxist, Marxist, Marxist”
    In other late breaking news, the sky is falling and water is still wet.

    • What do you mean by Marxist, Marxist, Marxist, etc.?
      Do you find Marxism appealing? Elaborate please…

  • The CMC (Center For Marxist Conspiracies) has long been the watering hole for insurgents who operate in the socially disruptive style of MI-6. These clowns and their CIA brethren have permeated local anti-war groups, the DNC, the UF and Santa Fe colleges, the free speech forum, local churches and synagogues – with platoons of indoctrinated helpful idiots supporting the Gladio objectives of the Crown (City of London). The Coronavirus (Crown) is the extreme manifestation of the surveillance police state of 5G, the internet of thing, cashless society all run by the artificial intelligence of tracing and tracking. — Covid-19 is the extension of the already developed, Chinese technocracy into America. Nancy Pelosi and her minions are blatant CCP apologists since they have more Big Tech interest in China than in the US. — The World Economic Forum, under WWII contemporary, Klaus Schwab, is the embodiment of the 4th Reich, popularly promoted as the 4th Industrial Revolution under authoritarian technocratic rule. — Bill Gates and Big Pharma have emerged as the CV-19 eugenics benefactor with vaccines that were expected to end the lock-down and face-masks this year. But even even Moderna says a return to the old normal is highly unlikely since 2 booster shots may be needed. – This means BOCC masks and lockdowns will continue through 2021 or until the Moderna goal of 90% herd immunity is achieved by whatever syringe sauce can be conjured under the sorcery of murdering mice.


    Dear President Trump and Vice President Pence,

    It’s highly disrespectful to take a knee at the NFL or MLB games but I believe that the time to kneel at the White House meetings has come.

    Can there be any harm done in heads bowed in prayer to King Jesus the ruler over all the nations including the United States and His Father the one true God of heaven and earth, for His guidance during this tumultuous time and economic distress in our country? (To learn more about Jesus, go to Biblehub and READ John 1-21, SONG: https://soundcloud.com/eternal-city/king)

    What other nation or people on earth could or would do that both in their political realm and personal lives? NOT ONE.

    America is special because the Lord Jesus founded this nation under God bequeathing the honor of first leadership to George Washington, a godly man regardless of slanderous depictions of him by vile “historians”.

    (Renaissance and a gentleman through and through: Rejecting his delicious retirement with his family and friends, sacrificing ease for hazard, As the general of the War he was paid today’s equivalent to $200k a year but stated that he did not wish to profit [??!!] from it and would keep an exact accounting and only accept EXPENSE incurred. In other words, return the rest!

    IN STARK CONTRAST: Tenet Healthcare Corp, the second richest Dallas-based hospital, received $500 million in COVID 19 grants that DON’T HAVE TO BE REPAID. Its CEO Rittenmeyer made $24.3 million in total annual compensation last year [~100x]. During a presentation to investors in May, Rittenmeyer said the federal aid has been helpful, but “we believe that more is needed from the government.” [!!!!] )

    When Boston was cannonaded by the British while the first American Congress met in Philadephia, Rev Mr. Duche extemporaneously lead them in prayer. Most of the members stood during the prayer. George Washington was on his knees. (In those days men stood in prayer while women kneeled.)

    And the fruition of months of prayers? the decisive victory in the battles of Lexington and Concord, the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War.

    “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD.
    The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.” PROVERBS 21:30-31

    As the White House leads by example in prayers, won’t the righteous meme spread throughout the nation and even the whole world?

    When we bring honor to His Name, will He not act on our behalf as He did in delivering a great triumph for George Washington and The Continental Army?

    Consequently, this nation was born.

    Thank you for your warm consideration.

    Sincerely with prayers,

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